Why Autumn Strolls Are My Fave

Happy Halloweeeeeen!!! Halloween is one of those times of years where I never really know whether to celebrate it or just spend some time in my bed, with some chocs and watch some halloween movies. I am actually going out tonight (although my bed does seem like a good option) but my taxi home is booked and I am getting my curls on so I can be a Sandy from Grease lookalike ~~ LOL.

Just thought I would do a little blog post tonight about one of my fave ways to spend a lazy autumn day because I have had a fair few of them and this just gets me in that autumnal mood. Now the clocks have gone back (yep waking up in darkness, and going home from uni in darkness) I get the ultimate cosy vibes because YOU KNOW Christmas is then around the corner…. Is it acceptable to play Christmas music yet?!?!

I’m quite lucky where I live, because I can reach all the perffffect destinations for some autumnal walks: the moors, the woodland, the beach or the coastline (and then maybe into a cheeky pub…) you name it!!

It’s just the best time of year for a good stroll because of all the colours, and it’s not as cold as winter so you can sorta warm up as you walk, plus the weather this autumn so far has been bloody gorge!! (apart from the fact its meant to be raining tonight – I swear its like that every halloween??).

Sometimes it is just a quick little stroll around some lanes by my house or go full-out and bring the hot chocs and scarves and hats etc… those are my favourite!

To be honest, National Trust gardens are sometimes the best for autumnal walks. Especially if you are a blogger, because you will be able to get some gorgeeeee photos for you insta and you will be SLAYING.

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  1. Your photos are so cute!

  2. Loving your photos!! I love autumnal walks too <3 xo

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