Proud Owner Of The Best Coat Collection

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am the owner of a damn good coat collection. I don’t want to seem vain or anything BUT I have a fair few coats which for this time of year when it’s like 6 BLOODY degrees it’s the best thing ever. Over the last two years I have gained not one, not two but looooads of coats all of which I adore *heart eyes emoji vibes*. But I am not going to lie, even when it is summer and boiling hot (you know that time of year when the UK finallllyyyy gets some nice weather but the shops start bringing in their winter clothes?) I still have my eye out for a new jacket. And so because of my devotion to my coat collection I had to do a blog post on it << OBVS >>.

Whenever I am in the shops, havin’ a bit of a browse I can tell you that the coat section is 100% my fave bit because you can guarantee there being multiple coats that I straight away fall in love with. And I will tell you what… one place that has really impressed me this year with their coat selection is Primark. I do love a bit of Primannnnni because not only does it suit my student budget but they have had some really good options. And I mean I have been very close to buying £200 worth of coats in there…!

The coats in these pics (which my lovely mum took for me this afternoon) has been my most complimented coat so far this autumn. I wore it up to work Friday and again today and everyone has those nostalgic feels because it is such a retro coat but I just love love love it. I can layer it with a printed T or a jumper (did that today because it was SOSOSO cold!). I got it for an absolute bargain of £30.

I feel like I just spend the whole of winter eyeing up new coats that could possibly make their way into my wardrobe, I mean I so want a grey long trench coat now… Another coat that comes out every year for sure is my black aviator jacket because it is the perfect jacket when the temps are a bit milder (we know British weather is verrryyyy bipolar) and it just makes every outfit look a little more complete. A jacket like that serve me welllll. You can see more of that jacket << HERE >>. 

What types of jackets are staples for you this autumn?? Link it below so I can check it out!!

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7 responses to “Proud Owner Of The Best Coat Collection”

  1. Mercydes says:

    Love this!! Your style is so so nice!! Xx

  2. Mummanopoly says:

    Omg I saw this lush coat in primark too, I’ve been having a field day in there lately. Their winter autumn collection is fab!!! 😍😍😍😍💕 great post hun!

  3. I am with you, I LOVE a bit of Primark (and by a bit I mean enough to have basically my whole wardrobe from them!). Lovely pictures too, very autumnal 🙂 xx

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