Why Changing Your Blog Is Actually GOOD

Now we can all safely say I change my blog/instagram or anything to do with my blog pretty regularly as I just get BOREDBOREDBORED of doing the same thing. Yeah okay, it probably doesn’t help that I change it pretty much every month *slight exaggeration but…* a change every now and then is not as bad as you might think!!

If you think about it, when you start your blog, you sort of chose a niche to go into. Whether that be beauty, lifestyle, fashion, mum blogging etcccc you automatically slot into a category. If you don’t then sometimes it is the best to choose one because then you can connect with bloggers in the same niche.

When I started my blog over 2 and a half years ago (YEP you heard me right) I wanted to be a beauty blogger – hence the blog name – but since then I found myself not wanting to write about beauty. Yeah I do sometimes, but I am no makeup artist or #beautyguru so a lot of it was waffle. There are also a lot of beauty bloggers out there (which is amazing how popular it has gotten!) however I found myself wanting to write about something other than what everyone else was blogging about.

At the start of the summer, I took the idea to start changing my blog into more of a lifestyle blog. Just by changing my content and my photos. I used to L.O.V.E a good flatlay or makeup photo – and now you will be lucky to see one on my blog!

Being a fashion student has also changed my blog. I have been doing more fashion posts – and that makes sense as I study fashion, so know a fair bit about it. So I changed my blog to write about stuff that I ENJOYED, not what I thought other people would enjoy or to try to fit into the crowd. << Don’t get me wrong>>, if you are into beauty and beauty blogging then thats great! But the content is fairly repetitive as there is just soooooo many people blogging about beauty. I write about my life, do updates, talk about what I am wearing as that personal to me.

Sometimes, by giving your blog a little spruce up, whether its look, the content or your insta feeds (I’m sure they look lush anyway!) it draws in new followers and it makes sure your followers don’t get bored. I have a book my Aimee Song all about instagram and themes etc, and she recommends that every 12 photos your should change your theme because it brings something new to your feed! And it keeps up with never endddding trends.

Have you ever made a big change with your blog or instagram??

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8 responses to “Why Changing Your Blog Is Actually GOOD”

  1. Kitty says:

    Loving your work!
    Sometimes I think it’s nice to change up your blog or Instagram page.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Kitty x


  2. Gianna says:

    Definitely agree!! A new look is sometimes needed!

  3. Yes!! It’s also pretty fun to change it up 🙂

  4. I know the feeling. I easily get bored with things too and constantly need change like hairstyle, makeup, room decor, etc.

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