Stripes Aren’t Just For Summer


I did a blog post absolutely months and months ago, possibly more than a year ago (WOW) about how I started getting into stripes. And trust me, at the time, stripes were ALL I wore… no joke. But if I am being completely honest, even though its is ages since I have done post about stripes, I am still obsessed.

Jokes aside, I genuinely have a section in my wardrobe devoted for anything stripey… YEP stop everyone. I do! I probably have more striped tops/jumpers in my wardrobe than I do normal tees. Give me a good striped top + my dungarees and I am sorted babes.


Some of the jumpers in my lil’ pile in the pics, have made an appearance on my blog before (I wanted to include the yellow one, even though it doesn’t have stripes, just because I adore it so much in my autumn wardrobe) but they come out each autumn. Sometimes stripes can very much be seen as a summery thing, to match with some shorts, or on a floaty dress etc… so why can’t they be used in the winter???

It’s all about caring less and wearing whatcha wanna wear!! I know I am sticking to any sort of jumper this autumn because I just get bloody cold!

I love stripes though because when you want a nice cas outfit you can make a bit of a statement simply by adding a striped top or jumper. I lovelovelove my TopShop navy and white striped jumper because it has some red stitching on it, and matching that with my red converse and ooooooooh we have one of my go to outfits.


Sometimes I dig the monochrome black and white striped duo, and then add a bright lip because there is nothing better than adding a pop of colour through your fave lipstick (mine atm is a Ted Baker bright red lip balm – yes lip balm!). The black and white combo is such a classic that you never actually can go wrong.

I also have been obsessing over a red and black striped top from Primark (would give an ol’ tag but it’s not on the Primark site….) and it has some dainty and super cute frills around the cuffs and bottom of the top. IT. JUST. MAKES. THE. OUTFIT. COMPLETE.

You can be absolutely sure I will also be wearing this *faux fur* scarf which I actually got for my 18th birthday last year (soz means I haven’t got a clue where it is from) but the stripes on it just make it look extra lush and add a bit of detail to it.

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11 responses to “Stripes Aren’t Just For Summer”

  1. Wonderful post babe!! I love stripes so much haha x

  2. briannamarielifestyle says:

    I love stripes all year round 🙂
    Brianna | https://briannamarielifestyle.com

  3. Great post! I love stripes and totally agree that they are great for all seasons!

  4. Joy says:

    wonderful post, stripes can be so fun!

  5. MARIONESS says:

    Totall love it!
    I would love if you checked my latest post! Also Autumn related! I’m sharing the six songs I’m listening non stop this season!
    Mariona xx

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