Tips For Getting Clear Skin

We can’t go into a skin care post without mentioning the fact that I am adoring La Lune Noire’s Skin Perfecting range at the moment like ~ babe ~ if you haven’t tried this then WHYWHYWHY. I have been giving it a go over the last couple of weeks and it has been a bit of a life saver (if I could insert the little hands praise emoji I would).

So a little background info, up until the tender age of 13-14 my skin was fresh, and undamaged, or any of that malarkey. Then, as you do at that age, you go through puberty *I cringe at the word soz* and my skin just went down hill a little. I never had BADBAD skin, like nothing compared to what some people have had, but I would tend to get blemishes on my forehead (I blame the fringe). Not only did the fringe grow out but I also my skin cleared up and I haven’t had any issues since.

Of course, I get the odd blemish every now and then and I’m just like ‘GO AWAY’. Anyone else get the odd one around a time where you realllllyyyyy don’t want one, yeah thats me. Other than that my skin is pretty clear. Don’t exactly know how.. I have never had the perfect skin care routine #lazyass. I have started doing a bit more for my skin, so when I am older I don’t totally regret it though (don’t want them crow feet am I right???).

– Remove The Makeup –

I think it’s just a bit obvious that if you sleep in your makeup, then it’s just not going to do you any good. Blocking them pores up, and not letting them breath, its just asking for spots. I very rarely sleep in my makeup, unless I am home from a night out and have had a bevy or five and just literally jump into bed. My skin is super super sensitive to different facial wipes, and the only ones that don’t react with my skin is actually Tesco skin care wipes!!

– Sometimes It Needs A Detox –

Doing face masks every single day is just a NONO. This can be so bad for your skin because it strips your skin of its essential oils. Also it just hurts if you use a peeling one often. But it is good to use one maybe once a week, to get rid of all the nasty bits that might be blocking your pores. I mean I love a good 90p sachet from Primark TBH.

– Try Products That Suit You –

There are thousands of spot clearing products, or treatments out there… LOADS of choice. Not all work, some might work for some people and not you, as everyone has different types of skin. So the best way is to literally experiment. I have tried a load, from stuff that has been sent to me, from stuff which I see in Tesco and go ‘Oh that looks cool I’ll try that’. And it doesn’t have to be products that break the bank!!

– Toothpaste Is Your Bestie –

You can by drying lotions, like I love the look of the Mario Badescue one, but for someone who doesn’t get a lot of spots, it’s a fair bit of money to spend. So as an alternative my go to is actually toothpaste. Yep, sounds weird, but any old minty toothpaste will do the job. I will just spread a bit on overnight and wipe it off on the morning and it does a FAB job.

– Don’t Skip The Moisturiser –

Ever get that feeling after you have done your skin care routine that your face feels like you have got grips at the side pulling it back, because it feels so tight??? Well babes you just need to get yourself a decent moisturiser. Even if you get it after moisturising it means you need a better one, because you need to replace the moisture in your skin, to stop it drying out. I am going to try to use mine as much a pos because I suffer from dry skin in the winter and I am DETERMINED not to this year.

What tips do you find helpful for keeping clear skin??? Post them down in the comments!

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    Great tips!
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