The Perfect Autumn Night In

Yeah I am really not sorry for the ultimate spam of Autumn posts right now because there is no other time of the year that I can do this (obviously… however much I would like to) so yessss babe!! Don’t worry I do have non-autumn posts planned but for now autumn overloadddd! If you love autumn as much as I do make sure to share this post with anyone you know that LOVES this time of year!

Even though I do get v excited over the fact we have halloween (= parties and sweets and trick or treating) and bonfire night (= sparklers and fireworks) I also do like autumn because when it is windy and rainy… like today when I got drenched going to uni… it makes me feel so much better about having a night in and a little pamper sesh.

I like to say I go out a lot, however now I have started uni I am either working every night or getting into bed super early because I am just absolutely shattered #livingthehighlife. So having a little wind down thing-ma-bob is just the cherry on top isn’t it???

So in my opinion ~~ the best way to have the PERFECT autumn night in includes this… First of all a Lush bath. I have calmed down my Lush addiction (anyone remember 2016 Emily who would spend over £200 in Lush around this time of year???) but I did treat myself to a << sparkly pumpkin >> this year because it’s my ultimate fave and just gets me in that ultimate autumnal mood. That with a good ol’ chic flick – tbh I watch the Great British Bake Off because I am soooo far behind – then you can have a lil’ soak and relaxation time.

Then, for me its coming down stairs, doing a bit of editing or work in front of our fire as we have a wood burner. Although we haven’t lit it this year yet and I am just like “C’mmmooooooooonnnnn”. But when it is on it is bloody toasty!! It means when I get into bed I am not freeeezing like usual.

Also you just have to get those autumnal candles burning! I love a good yankee candle – they are just a classic right??? I did go into Clinton’s the other day to have a good smell at some I want to get, but also surprisingly Primark had some lovely ones to (for like half the price) so if you are like me and think candles are so NEEDED at this time of year head there.

Finally grab your hot chocccccssss! Even though during the day I love a good salted caramel iced coffee (of a SPL from Starbucks if I want to treat myself) in the evenings I alwaysalwaysalways go for the hot chocolate. The other night I popped up to work and I had one there and I then had another at home because you cannot get enough *insert clapping emojis*.

What does your perfect autumn night in sound like??

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8 responses to “The Perfect Autumn Night In”

  1. This is such a cute post! I love baths with lush bath bombs <3

  2. Kitty says:

    Sounds like a perfect night in 😍
    I love sitting next to my open fire with my Jack Russell Georgie 🧡

    Check out my new blog for my top 10 Halloween Movies, perfect for any Autumn Night in 🎃


  3. I am sooooo with you on thist, Autumn nights in are the best and these cant be done without a gorgeous scented candle (preferably Yankee)!

    I love this post 🙂 x

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