How I Choose My Blog Photo Shoot Locations

One of my faveeee parts of running a blog is taking the photos. Sometimes when taking photos for my blog I can feel uncomfortable and a bit like ERMMMMM WHAT AM I DOING?! For example when I went out to take some photos (with my professional photographer #mymum) and it was in this street where cars kept driving through my shots and it was like a whole load of cringe… like bum clenchingly bad cringe.

But sometimes when I really know what I want to take, and I am feeling super inspired and not-self conscious I love it. It helps when I am surrounded by people who also take photos for a blog or for a uni course, because I am not judged for taking the photos I do. I know I shouldn’t feel self-conscious but not every is down with the whole blogging concept haha!

I try to make my photos look the best they can, using editing on Lightroom and Photoshop, but for me the location is KEYKEYKEY. Like it is really make or break, especially when you are trying to come up with a theme.

I plan my blog posts in advance – thank god I did this a month or so ago as now I am set for autumn (YAY) and it has allowed me to brainstorm location ideas. I think I have about 20 blog posts in the writing at the moment ~ or at least I have an idea about!

So I look at what posts I am going to write about and then sort out what I will wear for that shoot. Sometimes I look at my location, and try to match it to my clothing. For example with these photos, I had red in my coat so I found a bush with thousands of red berries on as my background. Other times I go off what season it is – and OFCOURSE autumn is the easiest with woodlands, pumpkin patches, beaches, anything nature related etc…

I always have my current photo theme in mind. So at the moment my theme is more relaxed than normal – I am going for the au naturallll look (do you like??) but I make sure they look similar but darkening the blacks and whitening the whites. So I try to get black and whites in my photo. Thereforeeeee white walls atm = my bestie.

Sometimes the best thing to do is just go somewhere. The other day me and my mum went to a town about 20 mins away because it had a cute little street of colourful houses and has a little play around. I have done this with my friend Emily too and sometimes you get the best shots because you can get so many good backdrops (the colourful front door situ is a good’un).

But would it be a photo shoot without looking for a bit of inspo?? I always spend a bit of time scrolling through my insta news feed or on Pinterest to see what I love the idea of. City shots and brick wall back drops are my current inspo!!

Where do you go to take photos?? Or do you take them at home?? Let me know below!

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  1. Your photos are always so beautiful!! <3 xo

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