4 Things You Must Do This Autumn

Right now it is October I feel like the temp has dropped like BOOM. It is bloody freezing! I am sat writing this in my jumper, dressing gown, fluffy trousers etc…. gimme gimme gimme a hot choc please. I haven’t put a blog post up in like 5 days (WOW) and I have just been mega busy. And I still am so SOZ to my uni lecturer who will have half my assignment due to my blog being a priority… (I’m joking) but you get the idea I have been bussssssyyyy! It is like someone flicked a switch when I started uni and want to pile loads of work on me.

But of courseee I am making time to appreciate that it is now my fave season because it would be criminal not too! You know how much I <3 autumn from the fact I have been banging on about it so to carry on sharing those autumn vibes I thought I would have a lil’ chat about what things you HAVE to do this autumn!!!

First is of course the classic pumpkin picking because duhhhh with Halloween creeping up on us preparation is key!! Now I am old enough to go out (I say that like I have just turned 18 but I haven’t) I will be going *out out* for halloween but there is nothing like some classic pumpkin carving is there??? Plus the photos you can get from pumpkin picking are always insta-WORTHY.

One of my faves on this list is autumnal beach walks (+a hot choc and possible fish n chips). Everyone loves the beach in the summer and getting yo’ tan on but I also equally like going to the beach in the winter because one it’s so much more quieter, and two because going in the evening and watching the sunset is just hella romantic… well it would be if I had a boyf LOL. None the less, take your friends and do it because it is just #cuteAF.

I am not sure if I am the only one with this one… but in the summer I feel bad about going to the cinema because you kinda wanna be outside enjoying the hot weather… I mean it’s not common in the UK so you have to make the most of it right??? So I prefer going to the cinema in the autumn and watching all those scary movies around halloween time!!

Lastly there is nothing like autumn than going to a bonfire display and having a go with some sparklers. Be prepared because I am on a fat mission this autumn to make the best sparkler photography that you will see (but try not to get you hopes up haha). But for me there is something about fireworks and bonfire night that just makes me get that warm happy feeling inside!

What things are essential on your autumn to-do list??

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3 responses to “4 Things You Must Do This Autumn”

  1. Kitty says:

    I totally agree with you about avoiding the cinema in the summer!
    I also wait all year for those October Horror films 😍👻 xx


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