Introducing Myself To Different Jewellery

I am a fashion blogger… well fashion/lifestyle/all-sorts blogger but I am also a fashion student at university. Most fashion students are wearing the best jewellery, rings galore, huge colourful earrings… but me?? I am too lazy for that and I am not proud of it (LOL) #lazybiatch. Part of it is super laziness but I have never really been a huge jewellery lover.

I have a fair amount of jewellery and over the last couple of years I actually pride myself in how I have started to wear more of it, and how I have realised gold is my go to, but also how I have special pieces (like my necklace from my gran, and one from my dad, and my Pandora stuff) which I save for special occasions. I am even pushing the boat out and thinking about getting a double piercing in my ear… WOAH WHO IS THIS NEW JEWELLERY LOVING EM???

For my prom a few months ago I really went wild with ma jewellery and wore orange tassel earrings, that were very nearly longer than my hair. I am also digging hoop earrings, gold or silver as you know what they say bigger the hoop bigger the…. (jokes).

But lately, I have been getting into wrap bracelets. Sayyyy what??? Yep beaut beaut beaut wrap bracelets. Specifically these Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets that I got sent which can I just say a huge thank you about!! They are really lovely statement bracelets which just wrap around your wrist multiple times, so are very versatile on length and any size can wear them – hence the name wrap bracelet duhhh.

Victoria Emerson very kindly sent me four, a black one (Midnight Twist), the Blue Emerald Cut Crystals With Pink And Blue Stone bracelet ~ which my mum has already got a hold of, my personal fave of the White and Black on Silver bracelet, and then the absolutely beaut Burgos bracelet! I love how I could easily be able to dress them up for a more classy occasion or wear them more casually too! They also seem the perfect item of jewellery for a summer holiday (or winter holiday!).

On an ever day scale I alwaysssss wear my gold circle necklace which I adore, it is super dainty and just goes with everything. You will most likely never see me not wearing it. Okay… maybe some occasions as I have other necklaces too but that is an uncommon exception!!

What jewellery do you wear??

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  1. andlivloves says:

    Those bracelets are so cute! They’re like the right balance of snazzy and lowkey!

    -Liv | https://andlivloves.com/

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