My Tips To Quick Hair Growth

I do love a good bit of hair care and I alwaysalwaysalways try to change-up my routine every other month or so because its good for your hair to try different things. So it’s really exciting when I get sent new products to nourish my mop with. When I was a baby… #throwbackorwhat I never had any hair until I was like 2 years old, and now I have SUCH thick hair, like after I wash it I have a genuine frizz ball on my hands.

My fam are blessed with the thick hair genes, and I can only really complain when It comes to style it as it just takes bloody ages, but also my fam are blessed with quick hair growth genes. Genuinely my brother has to get his hair cute every month because his grows back like instantly. My hair doesn’t grow quite as fast, but I can have a good chop (and I mean many inches off) and it grow back within 6-8 months.

But I do try to take care of my hair, especially after I have had it bleached a few times here and there. I like to think my good hair care routine makes up for my somewhat lack in skin care routine… whooooopps sos skin care babes.

My top tips for hair care growth though??? Well I have a few. In the before and after photos below, my hair grew a fair few inches in the period of just under 3 months ~ lets go 2.5 months. The first pic was taken maybe two weeks after I got the chop (10th July) and the most recent pic was taken on the 25th of Sep. One way I can tell I have had a good couple of inches growth is when I got my hair dyed I had streaks of blonde put in from my roots, and now they have grown out… THATS LIKE 3 INCHES IN 3 MONTHS! It’s not as obvi in the photos but there is definite growth. The first photo was just after I got my hair bleached and can you tell how healthy it is now???

Getting your hair cut regularly is a good way. You might be thinking ‘sayyyy whatttttt?’ because surely cutting your hair is going to make it shorter??? Well nah. It’s actually quite well-known that getting regular trims makes your hair healthier and thus more likely to grow. I don’t get regular trims, more like twice a year (BAD I know) but it helps #trust.

The products you use can also help you get Rapunzel because if you shampoo every time you shower then babes you are hurting your locks. It gets rid of the natural oils of your hair and those oils are essential for hair growth. It’s hard to get out of a routine of washing your hair every day but it is so SO worth it. Also try using hair growth hair masks, or any hair masks. It just helps hair not to split and therefore you won’t need to chop off more hair then necessary. Hair over shoulder length = hair mask essential.

Finally another thing which you can try, just like I did is some hair growth supplements. Very kindly << Lydia’s Hair Supplement >> sent me some of their hair growth vitamins, in liquid form to see whether it would help the health and growth of my hair. I did a quick scan and loved some other people’s results so I went for it. I started taking it actually before I got my hair dyed and I 100% believe that is partly why my hair recovered after being bleached so well. It didn’t feel as damaged as it normally would after bleach and within a week my hair was silky smooth.

I would take my supplements with my orange juice in the morning, and because they contain a wholeeeee range of nutritious vitamins they are beneficial all round! Win win eyyyy?!

Supplements are so easy to get hold of and like these they contain Vitamins like A, C, B5 and make your hair supppperrrrr happy! YAY! It’s worth it for the BEST hair right??!?!

How do you look after your hair??

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  1. I used to trim my hair every month and it helped a lot with making my hair grow faster! But it’s looking a bit dull now so I guess I need to start taking supplements 😀

    x Syahira

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