Autumn You Babe

Don’t get me wrong, summer is cool because of the beach vibes, holiday times etc… but autumn, for me is 100% where it is at. Autumn is my season and I can FINALLY start posting autumn posts as today is *officially* the first day of autumn! Wahhhhhooooooo! There are many many manyyyyyy reasons as to why autumn is my fave season of the year, but its sucks as it just goes so quick. If I were to pick a time of year it would be October to December (have to include Dec as that ma birthdayyy).

There is the autumn walks, the blustery beach trips, the bundling up warm it hats and scarves, and considering I own a pretty damn good coat collection my fashion thrives in autumn. Oh god have I missed the bobble hats and my fave grey scarf, I can finally dig them out!

I of course have kicked off autumn with a few forest pics that I got today, with my fave new pink jumper (I call it my golfers jumper because of the pattern) and my fave new fur coat which makes me feel like I should be walking the streets of New York. The best thing about autumn photo taking?? Getting the sun shining through the trees AHHHHHH gives me all the vibes!

Autumn has all my fave celebrations in too, I can’t wait for Halloween and hopefully dressing up for parties and ohhhhmyyyyygoshhhhh bonfire night and going to Plymouth to watch the fireworks just sets the scene perfectly. It just makes me super excited as there are sooo many things to look forward to.

If you haven’t noticed my insta is starting to get more wintery, less light and summery and more green and basically more autumnal. So see yah laterzzzzzz summer.

I can’t wait for all my OOTDs for this autumn, I have loads of cool combos coming up, and I have 24 blog posts planned for this autumn (YAY) with a fair few outfit posts there too. We are talking layers, knitwear, stripes, and high-heeled chunky ankle boots on Boohoo – someone help my bank account.

So now you know I absolutely lovelovelove autumn what do you think? What are you most excited for/want to do this autumn???


8 responses to “Autumn You Babe”

  1. melymaze says:

    Autumn truly is one of the best seasons of the year (aside from Spring in my opinion), it also provides such aesthetically pleasing photography conditions! Your pictures came out fantastic and I really look forward to all your posts for this season!

    • Emily Clare says:

      If I am honest, I think Spring is my least fave! I think because its an in-between of Winter and Summer and I just want the hot weather straight after winter!! Thanks hun!

  2. Looking gorgeous! Lovely coat! x

  3. Yess autumn all the way!

  4. I totally agree – Autumn is jus the best! <3 I can't wait to wear more cosy knits and decorate the house!! Also I love your sunglasses!!! Beautiful photos! xo

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