Are Bloggers Becoming The Same?

The blogging industry. To those who aren’t bloggers or have never ventured into reading about blogs or all that jazzzz then it is a huge undiscovered part of the internet and when I say huge I mean HUGE. When I started blogging, even though it was two and a half years ago and a lot can change in that time, I really underestimated how big the blogging industry is. ITS MASSIVE. And a lot of people don’t realise that. 

If you think about it, the big time bloggers like Zoella, In The Frow, Naomi Smart, Poppy Deyes, Lily Pebbles (just to name a few) started years ago, like nearly 10 years ago when the internet was a much different place to what it is now. Today it is way more advanced and it is a lot more easier and accessible for anyone to make a blog. And all of a sudden, within the past month or so I know more people from my private life even making blogs… which is bloody cool! 

So, there are million (yep babe MILLIONS) of bloggers out there, and there are so many people writing about the same things over and over again… and I will defo say I have and do still fall into that category just from the sheer amount of people out there writing on their little corner of the internet. I mean #blogger on instagram has over 65.8M posts… WTF!

Its difficult with the algorithm that Instagram can sport for some of us smaller bloggers (Heyyyy!) , but I understand that being repetitive and seeing the same feeds is tiring. I can hardly speak for that, I go through different themes quicker than you can *blink* but I try to change my themes with the seasons, make my feed look different every now and then so I am not sticking to the same thing all the time. 

Often its all about those floral locations (eye roll), London shoots, and going to those insta-worthy cafes but when you see everyone trying to be a ‘proper blogger’ and going to those locations there is no niche. I would love to go to those locations, and there is nothing wrong with it, as long as you are using your own FLARE to your photos, so that you can show to your followers that you are different and worth following. 

Getting a way for your creativity to flow can be hard for some but once you find something you like to capture, and a way of organically creating content that isn’t like photocopying another bloggers content you will be on your way to success. There is no doubt there is repeats in the blogging industry, and as much as there are ways around it, with the sheer amount of users it is inevitable. You get me???? 

What is your view on it?? Are we all carbon copies??

4 responses to “Are Bloggers Becoming The Same?”

  1. Gianna says:

    Great post! There’s definitely some part of us bloggers that are slowly melting with each other and becoming the same, and I definitely think that that’s our content. Great minds think alike, am I right? And while that’s true, not all of us want to read carbon copies, like you said, of others work.

    • Emily Clare says:

      You could say great minds think a like! But sometimes I could be copying?? Its hard find a differential!

      • Gianna says:

        It definitely is hard! But I think that there’s a difference from reading anothers bloggers post and deciding to write something drastically similar to it/basically copying them, and thinking of an idea on your own and writing it!

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