The Struggles Of Being A Young Adult

I turned 18 in December and with that I entered the rather large world of adulthood which comes with a large amount of responsibility and also a vast amount of *scariness*. ‘Pffffft you’ve only just turned 18’ might be the thought going around in your head, but really life changes Very quickly at my age and it comes with huge amounts of pressure. I am sort of carrying on from one of my latest blog posts about changes and how I struggle with change and blah blah blah because there is pressure coming from changes, from all my friends moving away, from society and social media and family. Most of the pressures can’t be helped and is apart of growing up and you have to get on with it but, yeah its scary. Just give me a blanket, some popcorn and pitch perfect 3 instead?!

I know I am just going into university, but it is the first real step into becoming an adult which is a lot different from being that 6-year-old that I was only like yesterday (well at least it feels like that…). When you are younger you are taught that life works a certain way… you grow up, get your grades at school, get a degree, get a job that you will have for the rest of your life, get married, have kids and grow old with the person you love. It’s very stereotypical and never actually will plan out like that, and why does it have to? Why do you have to feel like you have to comply to that??

When you get to 18 and realise you have a new sense of freedom one side of it is bloody brilliant let me tell you that! You can start to discover a new unsheltered world that you didn’t realise was there before. And its a lotttttt of fun being able to go out with friends for a few bevvies. But with freedom comes responsibility including being able to finance your new and more expensive life… BRB just going to cry into my duvet from the lack of money in my bank….

I’m constantly being told do this, do that with my money. I am going to be getting a student loan whilst I am at university, so I have a new bank account for that, I have a current account and I just shut down my savings account (mainly because I had no savings left LOL) but I have more accounts and I am like wait a sec??? I actually have to finance my life more carefully? I am being told to open up a pension because ‘I will be thanking myself when I am older’ which is true, but with a part-time job like mine where I have no guarantee of a steady income each month it’s not viable. The two M’s, money and mortgage, are terrifying because they are both super important and you aren’t taught an awful lot about them in school.

While growing up you are surrounded by different people wanting different things, some people are given cars, some people (like me) spend all their savings for a car on clothes *whoops* where as some people would rather spend their money jetting off around the world but it doesn’t matter because everyone is different. I am rather stubborn, just who I am so if I have something in my mind that’s what I will go for. I wanted to save for a MacBook Pro, so I did and I bought one. I want to make decisions and if they come with mistakes then I will learn a lesson. The best way to live in my opinion.

In 60 years time I could be reading this and going WTF are you talking about Emily… tbf knowing me that will happen next week but I am sure a lot of young people my age or even older will relate to this at least a little bit.

What do you think??

(And yes I took my pics in a garden centre because it’s very adultish to go to a garden centre on a Sunday afternoon Ha ha!)


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  1. 23 here and I completely agree lol. Still don’t know how I feel about being a young adult, do I even call myself that?? Lol, but seriously.. I didn’t sign up for this!!! 😂

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