Learning To Like Change

This year for me is probs best described as a year of HUGE changes and that honestly is the best way to describe it. There are several big changes to my life that have already happened this year and are going to happen and for someone, like myself, who isn’t the biggest fan of changes its hella scary!! I have always been that person who likes going to restaurants they have been to before because I know I will like the food there, or the type of person who doesn’t like getting rid of certain clothes because they mean something to me.

Coming to accept change has to be the biggest challenge because when life is going swell I’m just like okay why does it have to change now?? It almost seems that when I’m settled it just goes a bit tits up again, well especially this year at least. I had a big year with my A-Levels – which thank GOD I passed but that was super stressful and did cause my relationship to break down. When you go from talking to someone everyday to not even thinking about them its a huge difference and it made me feel quite lonely. Not to be a Debbie-downer or anything but this was something I can actually say I got through and I am 100% certain I did the right thing… so thats good right?? I am over that part of my life and it makes me happy knowing I am a better person from it and that such amazing things are now happening that I am overwhelmed by happiness from.

Leaving college has been totally weird because I went from seeing my friends and people in my subjects nearly every day for weeks on end, and all of a sudden I barely see them other than when they pop up on my insta feed. Obvs my best friends I still see and talk to all the time, but its crazy knowing most of the people I saw on a daily basis I will NEVER see again. Kinda a test of fate of who really cares to keep in contact 4SURE.

Then there is the whole new ball game of going to uni!! In less than two weeks time I will start university and I am like I’m sorry I swear I only started school yesterday???!!! Like where has the time gone?? Six months ago if you asked me I was buzzing to start uni – a fresh start and being with people who wanted to study the same thing to go into the same industry. But now its all becoming a bit real and I don’t feel ready to grow up. My emotions are so up and down about it that I’m just like STOP.

But there are parts of my uni course that I am looking forward to, like getting to go to London Fashion Week in my first semester and the photography module that we get to do looks pengggg! We all know how I like my photography and I cannot wait to see where it helps with my course. I have chosen to live at home rather than go into halls, purely because I live 20 mins away from my uni so its a waste of money going into halls, and I just wanna stay at home in my own bed.

How do you deal with change??

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    Heyyyy…I love your smile XD

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