Confidence With That Bikini Bod


I am sat here attempting to squeeze something outta my brain to write but looking at this pic just makes me so SAD because just over two weeks ago I was sunning it up in Croatia and now I am sat at home on my sofa, feeling like utter crap whilst watching it tip down with rain… Totally convinced myself I am having Croatia withdrawal symptoms hence why I am ill (obvs).

Gonna throw it back #tb to when my exams were on and I lost total confidence with my body because I didn’t get to go to the gym and I stress ate because… well… exams = chocolate binge sesh.

So after I finished I tried to go to the gym 3-4 times a week before I went on holiday because I was super paranoid about wanting to look alright in a bikini. Not to impress anyone, but to be happy with myself because I never truly have been.

It’s alright me being a blogger and chatting on about *confidence* and all that but it’s not fair to talk about it if I don’t have any confidence with my own body.

But when I was on holiday I actually really impressed myself, hence why I am here now and not writing utter BS instead. I am not sure if anyone else around me has noticed, but I would N-EVVVV-ERRR wear a crop top, unless I could layer it with a strappy top underwear because I was so anxious people would be like ‘ewwwww’ or ‘wtf’. But it was more because I didn’t see myself as having the right body type to wear one.

SERI though look at me!!! I am sharing bikini pics and I am actually WEARING a bikini with confidence!! And no, it’s not just because I am going to the gym more than I have ever done before. But I almost realised a point of acceptance of who I am and what my body is.

I ate utter rubbish on holiday, we literally went out for so many meals and if we didn’t we would BBQ = burgers every damn night (the life….). I also drank alcohol pretty much every night because pffffttttt I am on holiday I am gonna let me’ hair down babes. And even though I thought I would gain weight from all of this I didn’t give a fly. TBH I don’t go on holidays every day of the week so I just wanted to enjoy myself.

In reality though if you go to the gym or not, have a balanced diet or not, feel comfortable in your skin all not… all us babes DO have bikini bods that we should be proud of. You don’t need diets to get bikini bods because everyone, not matter what shape or size has them!!


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12 responses to “Confidence With That Bikini Bod”

  1. Thank you for sharing this, it’s so inspiring!


  2. So glad to hear it! xo

  3. Beautiful picture and love the honesty

  4. Kitty says:

    Love your bikini!
    Thank you for such an inspirational post xx

  5. thanks for the read! I just started blogging and I’m enjoying tracking my weight loss journey. I couldn’t bring myself to post “before photos” but then I took a photo at the beach in my bikini this past weekend and not only did I find the courage to post it here and on FB but i actually love myself in the photo! you go girl and you’re gorgeous xo

    • Emily_Clare_Beauty says:

      I am so glad Jenny! Having some self confidence is so powerful!!

  6. Beautyonline says:

    Thanks for sharing! I know a lot of us needed to hear this 🙂

    • Emily_Clare_Beauty says:

      I am glad you liked it! Just trying to spread some positivity through personal experience!

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