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Haps Sunday you lovely bunch. Sundays atm are giving me those warm and sleepy vibes because after coming back from my hols, its been rainy(YUP RAIN)and not as warm, but there is nothing wrong with a cosy Sunday. We actually went to Zizzi’s for a late lunch/afternoon today to celebrate my A-Level results that came out this week and because we wanted a Snooooop around the shops in Exeter.

Yeah… about A-Level results then. If you don’t know the hype around A-Levels they are exams that you have to take in your last year of school – when you are 18. They suck. They are a lot of bloody work. And it’s the reason why I went a little silent on everything around May. BUT we got our results on Thursday morning.

I wasn’t AS nervous as some of my friends, *bcos* I got into uni with an unconditional offer (!!), some people were crapping themselves. But I got a D*D* in my Fashion BTEC ~~~ equivalent to 2 A*s (YESSS BABY) and I also got an A in geography and a B in economics = a v happy Emily. And yes… I did go out and celebrate in the best way possible… a foam party.

Whilst we are here, and I am giving a little bit of a rundown on ma’ current life situ I am also back into the world of singletons (not sure why I just said that ughhhh cringe) but I just thought I would also put it on the table because it is slightly a big change that happened in my life a few months ago. BUT I am happier than I have ever been before so that’s a +.

Very excitingly, my blog is going to be changing v soon hopefully. Yes I am taking the plunge into self hosting, and yes my blog is going to have a COMPLETE makeover. I mean my hair had one so why shouldn’t my blog…. Keep an eye on the changes that will be made though!

For now that is ALL because I don’t want to send you to sleep or anything, but I hope this made a good bit of Sunday reading.

Let’s have a chat in the comments! Let me know anything exciting happening soon in your life!


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15 responses to “Let’s Have Chat – Life Update”

  1. Mercydes says:

    Congratulations lovely, you look gorg! Will you do a post all about the transition to self hosted? And what made you become self hosted? x

  2. Kitty says:

    Congratulations on your results! 🎉

  3. Congratulations on A-levels!!! That’s amazing news😌😌

  4. Sarah Carter says:

    Congratulations on your A-Levels Emily! 🙂 You should be proud of yourself!

    If you are looking for some guidance in regards to university, I have uploaded some tips on my blog. They’re the tips that had I followed myself. I hope you find them useful.

    Sarah xo

  5. Just a quick question, are you moving into uni

  6. Massive congratulations on your A’Level result I bet that’s a weight lifted.
    Kate x

  7. Congrats of such great results!

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