My Experience Applying To University


I am going to UNIVERSITY whoop whoop!!! Who’d a thought it?? I have an unconditional offer to start a fashion degree in September. I am going to be studying, learning and *hopefully* enjoying my degree which I hope will help improve my blog too!

**FYI you might think that you are expected to go to university, by your school, parents or friends, but if you don’t want to you don’t have to and there are MANY other options you could try too!**

But I have always wanted to go to university, mainly because I don’t think I would know what to do if I didn’t and it leads me into the section of the fashion industry that I want to  be apart of. However applying to uni can be a pain in the arse! I am not going to even lie or sugar coat it babe because it is a bit of a long process!

I hope this blog post though can help those who are starting the application process out a little bit because I have been and I am STILL going through it.

Obvs you have to know what you want to do… DUH… but the best way to do it is pick a subject… so I chose fashion and then have a look on the UCAS website and look at courses  that come under your subject. You aren’t just going to get ‘Geography’ it could be split into ‘ Human’ or ‘Climate Change’ and courses can be very specific.


Once you have REALLY researched your courses and found the type of course that you think ‘BABE I LOVE THE SOUND OF THAT’ you need to look for universities. For me, and the course I chose there were only two universities that I could chose from. Some of my friends were looking at more than 10 universities! You want to book in for visits because there is no point going to a uni you haven’t even been to before. You might COMPLETELY change your mind.

I visited Winchester University and LOVED the uni and the atmosphere but decided the course wasn’t right for me. So I had to go with my other choice which luckily I will be going to.

You can do visits in the summer or autumn you just have to look at when each university have open days!


Over the summer before your last year in school you NEED to start your personal statement which is basically a long piece of writing showing off you, your skills, past experiences and WHY you want to go to that university. You school or college will help you with it and how to lay it out. This is SUPPPPPPERRRRRRR important because it is the first impression you make… SO DEFO NO SPELLING MISTAKES PLSSSS!

Once you have finished your personal statement (this will take ages as you have to do loaddddss of drafts to make sure it is PERFECTO) you fill out your application form on UCAS. Again, my school helped me out with this and you get a reference from your school too basically making you seem like the best student they have ever had. Once you have sent your application form off its time to wait…

I got my first offer from Winchester as a conditional offer a week or so after applying… with the university I am going to go to I got given an interview date about a month after applying.


I had my interview around January time, and I had to take a portfolio of all my work to it so that they could see what I have previously created. Portfolio’s can differ but my fashion teacher was quite helpful as she had experience in making them so I had a lot of help.

I then got my offer *I think* a few days after my interview! Once you have all your offers you make a choice to what your top choice is. I OBVS chose the uni I am now going to as I got an unconditional offer. Not all unis will interview you either it is course dependent.

I am now waiting for the end of September to start and I can’t wait to begin a new chapter of my life!

Have you applied or are going to apply to university??

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  1. Great post and good luck in uni! What a cool major! xo

  2. notesatdusk says:

    I just graduated from university this summer. My dream uni and the uni I ended up going to was the very last uni to give me an offer – it was so nerve wracking! Congrats on your offer and acceptance! You’ll have a great time ✨

  3. Brilliant post!
    Uni has never been something for me, nor has it been something I’ve ever wanted to do. Wishing you the best though in your new journey 💗

    Check my blog out when you get a second!

  4. MARIONESS says:

    Good luck!

  5. How exiting!! Good luck with everything at uni xx

  6. Love this post! I’ve just done a post all about friendship at Uni 🙂
    Best of luck with your course x

  7. Sarah Carter says:

    Good luck! I’m graduating this November. All I can advise for you is to plan a head during second and third year! All the best 😊 x

  8. Congratulations! I recently just graduated and can honestly say you’re going to have so much fun. I’ll be starting a Master’s degree in September. Good luck with everything x

  9. Congratulations on getting into your first choice. I have just finished first year and I am starting my 2nd year in September. It was certainly the best decision I ever made going to uni, you are going to love it Xx

  10. realshady007 says:

    Best of luck
    The final year Computer Engineering student from across the continent :’)

  11. Congratulations on your university applications! University was hands down one of the most rewarding life choices I could have made. I write about balancing life, university, health, creativity, ect – and I’d love to hear from you !!

    • Emily_Clare_Beauty says:

      Thanks Emily! I will definitely go have a read because it sounds like you write about everything I am interested in!!

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