I Am A Red Addict


When I was younger… yes a little throw back to my days of cringe and even more cringe… I used to be super obsessed with anything leopard print, from wellies to jeans and a fur jacket (EW) EVERYTHING was leopard print. I think my school bag even had leopard print on it.

Luckily I am out of this phase *thank god*… even though when I walked past Topshop yesterday everything in its display was leopard print… gave me one of those flash back moments you see in films with the wavy lines.

However I nowwwww feel like my obsession has begun with red. I wear a lot of red lipstick as it can compliment my skin and it just went from there really…


I bought red converse when I went to Birmingham because I wanted something to pop out if I wore a bit of a plain outfit, and they just so happened to match my red handbag *my £8 steal of a handbag!!* which was suuuCCCHHHHH a COINCIDENCE!!

Red is such an easy colour to wear for me, even my phone case is red, commitment or what??? But if you put my in pink I will look AWFUL. It completely washes me out and even if I wore pink lipstick I would look a mess.

What colours do you wear a lot of?? Any other red fans out there to say heyyyy??!


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10 responses to “I Am A Red Addict”

  1. Red looks gorgeous on you! I love the matching of the shoes and bag especially 😍 I usually go for nudes, or black and white, and then add a pop of colour through accessories or my makeup!
    Georgia x || http://www.georgialeanne.wordpress.com

  2. Beautiful photos!! Love the outfit! <3 xo

  3. Your photography in this post is beautiful. At the moment I have a thing for yellow and love how you can have so many different varieties of yellow shades. It works perfectly in summer especially since we’ve had this lovely weather and brightens up my day.
    Kate x

  4. fotosbykarin says:

    I love the photos and the colors. My favorite is pink 😍

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