Short Hair Care Routine


So as you may knowww I decided to do something veryVERY drastic with my hair nearly a month ago. I went short and blonde and I am now a #blondebombshell. But if you have ever dyed your hair or specifically bleached it before then, blimmmey you realise how much it can knacker you hair!!

The bleach can dry your hair out like the Sahara bloody desert so taking care of it is ULTRA important. Normally I would literally just use a shampoo and conditioner and then dry it but I have been using new products and adding some stuff to make my hair feel silky smoooooooooth.

BUT dying my hair blonde was one of the things that I needed to do (post break-up motto I have is change your hair Completely ~ with a capital C). I also have been finding the length much more manageable – because who doesn’t love being able to blow dry their hair in seconds???


Step One: I dive in the shower to wash my mop and I have been using some blonde shampoo. Basically, I’ll give ya the low-down on it. It is a purple based shampoo and conditioner that balance out the brass tones to the bleach and make it blonder… I think (shhhhhh I am no hairdresser). I have been using << PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver >> because they come in cute little bottles perfectttttooo for traveling!

Step Two: Before getting out the shower, I use a hair mask because it can really help repair all ‘dem split ends and the dryness from the bleach. I luvvvvvv the smell of the L’Oreal one I use **Elvive Colour Protecting Masque**. I use it pretty much every wash, and leave it on for as long as poss so it can really soften my hair up = nice long showers!

Step Three: Once I am out the shower/bath ~ depends how I am feeling ~ I towel dry my hair because it just makes drying it with the hair dryer so much easier. Whilst it is still damp, I add some argon oil to my hair. I was always a little bit skeptical of using it because once I had a bit of a DISASTER with it and applied too make making me look all greasy and like I had 100 day old hair. But I had a tiny bit to my hands and then just rub it through the ends of my hair. It makes it u-n-b-e-l-i-v-e-a-b-l-y soft!!

If I am bothered I will straighten the ends to make them less sticky out or I will curl it with the straightener to get some beauty waves… I am still yet to master that perfectly though…

How does your hair care routine go??


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15 responses to “Short Hair Care Routine”

  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have been wanting to go blonde for ages, at the moment I have red on the ends so I have to wait for that to grow out before I start the process. I will be looking into silver shampoos and some hair oils to keep it maintained for when I finally get bleached up.
    Kate x

  3. Marioness says:

    OMG girl! Your hair looks amazing!


  4. Nice post!

  5. You really suit short blonde hair!! Xx

  6. Great advice x

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