5 Reasons Why I Like Plymouth


It’s a little known fact that I live in sunny sunny (when it is not raining obvs) Devon and I am so very lucky to live 20 mins from the city, moors and beach. Although it is not London or Brighton ~ the two places I absolutely dream of going, Plymouth can have its moments and here’s why…

  1. I’m surrounded by the people I love. Most of my friends and some of my fam live relatively close by. We can always take trips into the city centre to see each other, go shopping or grab something to eat. IMG_3040
  2.  It’s V easily accessible. You can pretty much get to any part by bus, and from my village buses run every half an hour. Parking is not the most expensive in comparison to other cities and I don’t find the roads to hard to navigate either which considering I am SUCH a crap driver makes me happy.
  3. I can’t not add the Royal William Yard, aka Plymouth’s nicest area!! It includes some of the nicest restaurants (including my bae Wagamamas) and has the most stunning views over the water. If you go for some food in the evening and then get to watch the sunset it is genuinely LUSH.IMG_3041
  4. Hoeeeee. No I am NOT being rude because the Hoe in Plymouth has got pretty spectacular views going back across the city and towards the sea. It is also wear the firework competition is held every year and where they hold concerts and so many fun activities!
  5. General Uniqueness. Throughout Plymouth there are lots of quirky shops, restaurants and cafes — including my faves the Flower Cafe and Caffeine Club and so many more which I am yet to explore!

What you the fave thing about where you live??


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11 responses to “5 Reasons Why I Like Plymouth”

  1. I’m originally from Exeter, Devon but have now relocated to the Mendips, Somerset!! I love it that so many things are on my doorstep here, great walks, beaches about an hour away and I can still travel back home to Exeter and visit the fam and friends!! Perfect!

  2. Loving the view of the ocean in your pictures, always been a nature geek and I hope I can visit someday.

  3. There are some really beautiful hiking areas around where I live!

  4. Hreem says:

    I live in Dubai which is very far from London but I love it so much because you can do so much shopping (!!) But the weather sucks because it’s about 42 degrees, although that calls for ice cream day everyday 😍By the look of your photos I’d love to visit Plymouth! x

  5. Hannah says:

    My boyfriend went to uni in Plymouth so I have lots of fond memories there from when I went down to visit him. Caffeine Club is always a good shout, their pizza fries are the bomb! Heading down there in a few weeks for his graduation which actually makes me feel kinda emosh hahah, we made it!

    Hannah | ohhelloitshannah.co.uk

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