Starting To Express Myself


When I was in college there was this sorta’ stigma around what you could wear, like you could NEVER EVAAAA wear the same things two days in a row – and if you wore anything vaguely out there you totally would be judged about it. There was a girl who would wear skirts and jackets that not many people would wear but she loved them and I TRUELY admired her for that!!

Now I am outta that hell hole and I am off to uni and starting to explore the world I can wear what I want and not be afraid! But sometimes I feel a bit stuck with clothes/fashuuuun/beauty and where I fit in and what I like. I know what I want but with a stretched student budget (PAYDAY T-Minus 5 days though!!) I can’t always do that.

In reality I want to be able to wear what I wanna wear whenever the hell I want because WHY NOT?! When I go to uni, because of my course I do hope that everyone else will be like that so that you don’t HAVE to fit in with ‘a crowd’.


Anyway, expressing myself, back to the subject (!!), I know what shops I want to buy from, the typical Topshop and Zara but sometimes I just have to prey to god that Primark has the bargains it sometimes does.

I also go through clothes and phases of clothes I like SO fast. At the moment, I felt like I had bought a load of summer clothes but I am struggling with things to wear. Like where the HELL is my wardrobe babe??!!?

Last autumn I bought this jumper from Zara and it was a little different to normal jumpers = it had lime green fur over the shoulders… not the more subtle of jumpers in the world I must admit. I didn’t wear it an awful lot because it was very OUT THERE but I am so looking forward to the colder weather to start wearing it again because I do adore it no matter what others think.

I need to have a massive wardrobe clear out, and try to part with some of my babies, so I can make room for clothes which *if* I buy I will keep, and I will make sure to not impulse buy too… a bad habit I have of mine unfortunately.

Do you try to express yourself through what you wear??


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6 responses to “Starting To Express Myself”

  1. joannamc97 says:

    Ah it’s such a shame that this is the world we live in; where people feel self-conscious when they just want to be individual! It’s so hard to just be care-free and not worry about what people think when you step out of the house! I hope you wear that jumper you love, even if it is out there – I try to do the same, and not stick to the crowd… hope you find yourself x

  2. Steph says:

    My clothes definitely reflect me. I see people with immaculate capsule wardrobes all the time and really admire them, but what I want to wear changes so much with my mood that I just know I’d be bored in a minute!

  3. I so feel you. I’m in high school and I feel like everyone is wearing the same clothes!! My group of best friends also basically wear the same style. I’m kinda the only one who really tries to own my style (can be because I live to express myself through clothes haha). I would really say my clothes reflect me since I buy a lot of my clothes while traveling which make them (it may sound silly) but meaningful for me. As a memory you know? I don’t want to “stick to the crowd” I want to wear whatever I feel good in and then maybe someone else can look at me and think it’s a shame they didn’t take that hoodie they love so much this morning. I would wish everyone to not dress up for someone else than themselves, just don’t care if people are looking or if they talk about you. As long as you feel confident and comfortable in what you wear, wear it!

    • I so agree with you about the travelling thing! I got a pair of converse when I went to America and even though they are so tatty I don’t want to throw them away!

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