18 Things I Have Learnt Since Being 18


Back in December I joined the adult part-ayyyyyy (queue streamers and banners and party poppppperrrrs) and turned 18, and since then because it comes with a bigger than normal responsibility it can come with some life lessons. Don’t get me wrong I LoVe being 18 and finally get to move on with life #YESSSS, but in the 7 months I have been legally able to drink I have learnt some new things…

  1. When you go out clubbing, go out with as many friends possible as it will be the best night ever!
  2. Sometimes you need to be selfish over others to make yourself happy.
  3. If something doesn’t work out in life, albeit a relationship, friendship or plan then it’s not always a bad thing and good things can come from it.
  4. Sometimes exams can really *mess* with a persons feelings and emotions so don’t take things too personally.
  5. Alcohol is more expensive than you might think.
  6. Girl Power is the BEST when you are out clubbing.
  7. If you have tried your hardest why should you be disappointed (how clicheeeee uckkk!)
  8. Netflix is addictive and you can get sucked into it realllllll bad ~~ just figured this…
  9. Wine is my enemy and can release a whole new me.
  10. I have learnt I can run a bar on my own like a major GIRL BOSS.
  11. I can finally save my money towards something I really really want.
  12. Pink Gin will forever and always be my fave drink #PINKGINALLTHEWAY.
  13. I have realised I want to travel AS MUCH as I can.
  14. Going to the beach makes everything better.
  15. Break ups are sh*t but sometimes they are for the best.
  16. The gym has changeddddd my life and is a massive stress-reliever!
  17. A-Levels are the biggest step up from anything else you do at school.
  18. That thinking of 18 things was really hard…

What have you learnt lately?? Or take your age and do the same thing in the comments!! 


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5 responses to “18 Things I Have Learnt Since Being 18”

  1. Elm says:

    I,,,,, hate wine. Actually, I like it, but it properly messes me up?? I’m pretty sure we emailed about that 😛 Also YESS about the breakups – hope you’re okay. LOVEDDD this post! xx

  2. Loved this post! The photo you used for it is so gorgeous!! Definitely agreed with number 14, going to the beach is always a good idea! x

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