The Lush Body Lotion I Adore


It is no secret that I am a bit of a Lush addict, and when I go near a Lush store… boyyyyyyy ooooo boy is it dangerous territory for my bank. I have gotten A LOT better, considering it is now summer, and let’s be honest who wants a bath when it is 30C outside. I like baths but not that much…

I have always been the person to leg it to the bath section of Lush but after discovering this beauty of a body lotion it has started opening my eyes. Now yes… we are nearly in August, yes I am fully aware it is summer, but ~ YES ~ this is a Christmas body lotion.

**P.S I tried some water photography and this is the first ever time I have done anything like this…**


First of all, I actually love the snow fairy scent that Lush do around Christmas time. I honestly wish they had it on sale all year around. However because I have managed to save this lotion to use this time of year I have the best of both worlds rightttttt?!

Not only is the lotion bright pink, like all the other snow fairy products (girlyyy heaven <3) but it is also in such a cute little tub so it is super easy for me to take away.

The snow fairy scent is a ‘marmite’ scent really. You either absolutely L.O.V.E it or hateeeee it because it is such a sweet scent some people just aren’t a fan. It even took me a while to get used to it.

But the lotion spreads on so well, and makes my skin feel so silky smooth and ‘soft as a babies bum’ blah blah blah… But jokes aside it dries quick so you don’t have to stand up for the next hour waiting for it to dry.

What is your fave lush lotion?? Do you miss snow fairy??


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6 responses to “The Lush Body Lotion I Adore”

  1. briannamarielifestyle says:

    This lotion sounds awesome!
    Brianna | http://briannamarielifestyle.com/

  2. Mind blowing post.

  3. Really Happy to know about that. Just wanted to know more about your daily Skin Care routine. I hope you will come with an article for the same.

    Keep Posting, 💗💗💗.

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