Why Have I Been Choosing BB Cream Over Foundation?


I always like trying out new products every now and then and then I get completely and utterly obsessed and don’t use any other products. I have been through periods of just dabbling with concealer, to wear foundations that were way too dark *CRINGE don’t even mention it!!* and to using different types of bases.

As you can tell from the title of this blog I…. (then didn’t save my post and have to re-write it… FFS) have been using BB cream lately! It has been SOOOOOO hot in the UK for the past 6 weeks ~ which is ironic because as I am writing this it is raining ~ but to wear a full face of makeup without sweating it off is impossible.

I have literally gone from wearing loads of makeup to very nearly none in the space of a few weeks. It has conquered my fear of wearing little or no makeup in public #proud.


But when it’s nearly 30 degrees everyday and I am sweating my tits off I don’t need foundation or concealer to clog my pores and cause my skin to go into a crisis. Hence why BB cream, for when I have been going out or taking photos, has been my heavennnnn.

Specifically I have the << Garnier Original BB Cream >>, and admittedly mine is quite old and used but it shows how much I love it right?? It is slightly dark for my skin tone but now I have a bit of a tan its the only thing that matches. As its oil based it matches my dry skin but if you have oily skin then you might need a powder on top of it to set it.

I love using the BB cream because it is really light on my skin and as a light coverage so looks really natural on my skin. I have been trying to avoid a full face look because in summer the natural and bare-faced look is beauttttt! I mean sand and foundation is not a good mix right???

I find it so easy to blend out as well, I just use a damp beauty blender. It has SPF in it too so I will defo be taking it on my holidays!

Have you ever used BB cream??


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11 responses to “Why Have I Been Choosing BB Cream Over Foundation?”

  1. Kelsey Marie says:

    I’m definitely thinking about making the transfer to BB cream! It is so odd for me to not have a lot of makeup on but in this heat it is literally unbearable. This was a great, helpful post! x

  2. Bubble says:

    Great post! Check out my latest post too 👉🏻 What’s in My Office Bag?? https://wp.me/p9lY86-bw

  3. I like to use BB cream too instead of foundation 😊 it feels so light on your skin xx

  4. Rebecca says:

    I definitely think I need to start using BB cream: it sounds amazing! I have really been struggling with wearing foundation in this heat too and BB cream sounds like the perfect solution- but I will admit that I have also gradually started to not wear a lot of makeup in public and I feel SO much better about doing that than I ever used to do, yay!

  5. BB Cream always so light. Thanks for sharing with us all. Keep posting. https://www.thebodyshop.in/make-up/makeup-face/bb-creams.html

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