My Summer Schedule


I like to say I have this mega busy summer ahead of me but…. mehhhh I am more just in the words of Will Smith ‘chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool’. However there are some dates in my non-existent diary which I have got stored away in my mind for this summer. This is not me wishing the time away… Oh No this year is already going WAY too fast for that.. but instead looking at what I have to look forward to.

I feel like I should have a diary going… does anyone else do that? Try and store mental reminders, notes or dates?? Yeah well sometimes it works and in my cases it can be a little unreliable. But I ALWAYS try to use a diary or notebook to stay mega organised and fill it out in as much detail as humanly possible and then just leave it on a shelf somewhere and forget about it. Classic move of mine which I shall announce I have mastered quite well.

*Lil update: I wrote this blog ages ago (I am now currently editing it to post tonight) and realised a lot of the dates have been and gone…. WHOOPS. But I will keep it in and adjust it slightly too*


27th JUNE (DONE)

Think short and blonde and balayage! YESSSS I got my hair done again – and I know last time I did it I said I wasn’t too happy well I am so excited to see FINALLY get my dream hair. I got it shorter for the summer because it just gets a bit of a hassle long – not that I am Rapunzel or anything – but I had longer hair than I have had in a while.


P-R-O-M!! So in the UK we have two proms, a formal prom at the end of Yr 11 and then a more casual prom at the end of Yr 13 (when you leave school 4EVER). I really looked forward to it because I will be seeing some people for possibly the last time EVER. Everyone got dressed up, had a few drinks and then we went out afterwards for a good ol’ party.


Now this weekend is a bit of tradition and you will see why. I work at a rugby club behind the bar, and my fam are quite involved up there as my brother plays rugby too, and we have quite a good group of friends. This was the weekend where we go to watch rugby 7s and Sandy Park in Exeter. It is always A LOT of fun and we have special rugby shirts for it with our nicknames on the back (mines Elvis… don’t ask) and we always stop off at the American Diner for breakfast where we consume twice our weight in food and milkshakes (you will find me at the gym every hour after this weekend…).


25th JULY

This is more of a self reminder because I haven’t put a memo on my phone yet – P.S I am one of those who puts reminders on my phone and then NEVER cancels them (SOZ not SOZ). But I am getting my nails all did and fancy because I haven’t had them done in years and WHY not treat myself a little bit?!


I AM ON HOLIDAY FINALLYYYYYYYY! I am getting on a plane and flying my butt all the way to sunny Croatia for two weeks. I am going with my fam and our friends and we are going to stay in a Lush villa and explore a new country we have never been too. Watch this space because you will be jealous of the tan I get!


I start uni!! I take the next step towards becoming and adult and attempting to get some sort of degree. Will I sleep the night before? Probably not. Will I be feeling sick with nervous? 100%. Will I be the next actually mess? YES. But I am SO buzzed for the next step of my life!

What dates have you got written down? 


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11 responses to “My Summer Schedule”

  1. Bubble says:

    Check out my summer playlist 💕 https://wp.me/p9lY86-aL

  2. Laci says:

    My trips aren’t until this fall. One of them is the International Balloon Festival. I’m excited because we are going up in a hot air balloon!

  3. What a busy summer!! Hope you enjoy it all xx

  4. nafiseseyedbagher says:

    it was great for summer thanks

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