Be Proud Of Who You Are


I was doing my big plan of blog posts a couple a’ weeks ago and I was on the lifestyle section – in which I have LOADS of ideas for some reason – and I put down ‘#NoRegrets’. Obvs this blog post is not called that… mostly because it was be too c l a s h i n g to do two blog posts in a row that were ‘#’.

When I was in Falmouth yesterday with my bestie Rosie (if you haven’t seen my insta stories from it then GO GO GO) we came across this little alley full of inspirational street art ~ so of course I had to posh in front of it… DUHHHH.

I kinda then got inspiration for this blog post from the wall where it said ‘Be Proud Of Who You Are’. I have been kinda living off regrets in my life. Not like huge life changing regrets – because my life ain’t that interesting SOZ – but everyone has their own little things they wish they did differently.

Especially when it comes to my blog and my photos, I look back and I am like ‘WHY THE HELL DID I CHOSE TO DO THAT WHY DID I THINK IT LOOKED GOOD’. However this year I have actually been more accepting of my photos because I do put the ultimate amount of effort into them and it take me bloody ages to edit them. I love my theme that I have at the moment and I have planned my themes up until the end of December! (prepared or what??)

When I was doing my A-Level exams, I remember the night before my 4th exam I was sat in the Costa car park with my friend and I was just more chill about my exams than I had been before. I got to the point where I was like f**k it because I knew how much work I had put in… and I mean MONTHS of revising and coursework struggles and there wasn’t a lot I could do anymore.

I think it also relates to fashion because you have to be comfortable in what you are wearing so you can << strut your stufffff >>. Sometimes I can put something on and be like OOhhhh am I going to get judged for that?? I have a jumper with green fur on the shoulders **yeah it’s a bit out there** but why should I not wear it – it looks hella cool?!

What do you think about this quote?


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4 responses to “Be Proud Of Who You Are”

  1. Ahhh I love this quote! You’re so inspiring!

    Xxx, Maya

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