I Finally Got My Dream Hair!


Heyyyy blonde club heyyyyy!! <3

So you know last time when I was like ‘OMG I got my hair done blonde’ and then ended up hating the way it looked because I thought it was done really poorly?? Well yesterday I went to a different salon in my town and I gave it another shot.

And look at the results like who on earthhhhh is that?!? I struggle to recognise myself ha ha! I am so happy with the results and it came out A LOT blonder than I expected. The woman – Jess – who did my hair was so SO lovely, really chatty and made me feel really comfortable as obvs you have to trust the person you get your hair done with!

She cut my hair first, and I had a good three inches at least off and then I decided to go even shorter! I am still getting used to the length #RIPtopknot but I have been admiring the short look for a while! Also considering the weather is BLOODY GORGE in the UK at the moment and super hot, and I go away soon it is just so much easier to have it short. Bring on the 3 min blow dryyyyyy!!

I also got a toner put on it to get rid of some of the brassy tones, and don’t you worry I have my purple shampoo and hand! I have kept my roots at its normal colour so that when it grows out it will be allllll fineeeee!


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44 responses to “I Finally Got My Dream Hair!”

  1. Looks so good!

  2. It looks great!

  3. Looks so cute!!

  4. Rutvi says:

    you look amazing!

  5. gingersnapps says:

    Love the colour! You look amazing! X

  6. raceenm says:

    Love it 😍😍😍

  7. sid says:

    u look so pretty. 🙂

  8. magicalmaven says:

    beautiful <3 <3 <3

  9. Looks so pretty!! 😊 xx

  10. It looks amazing girly!! I’m thinking of changing up my hair this summer and this has deffo made me lean more towards the idea!! xx

  11. Vera Stuart says:

    Oh, you look great! ❤️

  12. I love the color!!! It’s so pretty on you!

  13. You look stunning!💕

  14. Really you look lovely

  15. ihindihelp says:

    nice article thanks

  16. You are looking great. What hair Products do you use regularly? love to know about that.

  17. wake fit says:

    Great post

  18. You are looking great.

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