Double Denim Don’t Care


I remember watching ‘The Voice’ when I was younger (I very much hope you know what it is) and listening to Jessie J slate another coach for wearing double denim, and it was the first time I really saw wear double denim as a FASHION CRISIS. But whyyyyy?!?

Even though all the fashion police will be *screaming* at me right now, I think double denim is very much coming into trend and I see a hella lot of people styling it.


I kinda went for the ‘I don’t give a crap’ vibe and just WENT FOR IT.

To be honest I kinda liked what it turned out to be. I felt very ballsy and even though in the back of my mind I was like ‘Am I going to look a weirdo’ I actually liked the look.

My denim jacket ~ which has been very asked about on my IG (@emilyclarebeauty thanks) ~ is actually quite an old one from Boohoo, but it is honestly my lifesaver jacket because I can through it on with any outfit and it look okay. << Similar Boohoo Jacket Here >> I feel like everyone has their ‘just grab it’ jacket as a last-minute fashion hook up. I even take it to the gym with me!


And my jeans, which are actually a PeRfEcT colour match to my jacket is my trusty Topshop Jamie Jeans. SO many people rave about the Joni jeans from Topshop but I love the fit of the Jamie ones as they are ankle grazers (FYI perfect for if you like wearing high top converse!!) and are also high-waisted. I think ALL my jeans are Jamie Jeans in some for or another. << My Awesome Ripped Jamies Jeans >>


I don’t really get the idea behind double denim looking rubbish because its SUCH an upcoming trend and is perfect for those summer nights where you want to look good but also need something a bit warmer.

Would you dare to try double denim??? 


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19 responses to “Double Denim Don’t Care”

  1. Rifat Yaseen says:

    It actually looks cool! All you need is the confidence to carry it 😊


  2. I’m a huge fan of double denim! You look fab xx

  3. I love double denim! I always wear jeans and love my denim jacket so do it all the time!! There’s nothing wrong with it and I think most of the time it looks totally fine!! Love your double denim look xx

  4. magicalmaven says:

    my 2 daughters would cringe at my use of double denim..so I stopped <3 but damn if I wont give it another go <3 thank you for the reminder of who cares, and that denim goes with everything including denim!!! lol

  5. Kelsey Marie says:

    I’m a huge supporter of double denim. I think it gives off the “I’m a cool kid” vibe. Especially when paired with some statement sunglasses. I loved your look!

  6. Miss. Nora says:

    i support your decision to go ahead & wear double denim lol (: i love wearing denim, my closet is full of it!! a denim jacket goes with virtually everything & it’s flattering on my skin tone & with my hair color. you do you girl & ignore everyone who is hating on the double denim !
    xo, Nora


  7. This outfit is gorgeous!! You pull it off so well 😘 xx

  8. I have grown to love Double Denim recently!! It’s so on trend right now Xx

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