I’m So Lucky To Live Where I do


I am not one for cringe blog posts like this but I felt like I should do a little post on this and show my appreciation slightly.

If you didn’t know I am a #ukblogger and I live in the South West of the UK. I often sit wondering what it would be like to live in the hustle and bustle of London, or a creative place like Brighton. If I am honest I have always wanted to live in Brighton because it’s by the sea, it seems like there are loads of little shops to explore and it looks so artsy and just ME.

But where I live I am actually really lucky. I live 20 mins from the beach (so I can go and get my tan on), 20 mins from Plymouth and literally 5 mins from rolling hills *makes me think of Rolling In The Deep by Adele*.

Quite often we venture out to the beach in the evenings and have fish n chips (V healthy I know) and watch some of the BEST sunsets! Or I can go out into Plymouth and have good nights out with friends and have a few bevvies. I am lucky to have it all within a car journey, bus trip or taxi ride away.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the stereotypical views of living in a more rural area are true – my town is okay, but others you would NEED a car to get around which is expensive. And job opportunities, especially for people my age can be rather limited.

But some of my family, who live near Birmingham rarely get to see the sea because they live hours away from it. So its important to take it in. We do a coastal walk on Good Friday each year and its pretty amazing – a lot of bloody effort and sore feet – but its beaut!!!

What do you like about where you live??


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17 responses to “I’m So Lucky To Live Where I do”

  1. So awesome that you love where you live! Such a cute picture too xx

  2. Oh honey you’re extremely lucky! I am one of those that live in Birmingham, miles and miles away from the coast! We pay so much money to get to/stay in the South West – it’s beautiful. I suppose we all want what we haven’t got. I’d say the best things about Birmingham are the shopping, the nights out 100% as we can choose from the city centre or places like Selly Oak (student pubs and bars) or Moseley (think boho crossed with UB40 – you get all walks of life), and really just the accessibility of an international airport and Grand Central. Not forgetting we have some lovely nature spots too – I live not far from the Lickey Hills where you can look over 2 counties. Loved your post x

  3. lifeinkarolingston says:

    You’re definitely lucky one! 😊

  4. Stormy Dormy says:

    I live in Greater London – I live in Finsbury Park (quite near central) so it takes 9 mins on the tube to get from our station to Oxford Circus station. I would be happier by the coast, probably in Brighton (spent a year at Uni there and loved the area.) I’ve lived in London most of my life so it’s the norm for me, my partner even works in Waterloo so we’re in central most days. I like the convenience of living here, the transport links are insanely good and having access to basically any shop or restaurant I could ever want is a definite perk! I am a nature enthusiast though so the city does wear down on me, but it’s the best place for me to be at this time and place in my life 🙂

  5. That’s really amazing, I’ve always loved to live near the sea.
    I live in a relatively unknown country called Suriname. It’s rich in forests, cultures and cuisine.

    Worth a google search!

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