I have surfaced FINALLY from my desk/mountain of revision notes, mind maps and flashcards because ALL MY EXAMS A FREAKING OVERRR! It is honestly the best feeling ever knowing that all that weight can be lifted off of my shoulders.

If you didn’t know – I have been a bit absent lately across my blog and social media (SOZ) as I have just been focusing on my revision and exams because they have been stressful as heck and I have had several quarter life crisis’.

I had six exams in total, as I had three for economic and three for geography. Some went okay, some had a bit of a ‘shove-them-in-the-back-of-my-mind-and-forget-about-them’ kinda vibe but I know how hard I tried and how long I revised for that there was really not a lot I can do.

I have taken this weekend to just chill and relax, I went out on Friday night to celebrate and then I have also lost my Netflix virginity and so have binged 13 reasons why… which I finished today and thought was really good, despite its controversy.

As for my blog, I can finally start doing something more with it! I am going to take small steps, as I don’t want to ram myself with too many ideas yet… however I am planning to have a big planning sesh and sort out what I want to do and how I want to expand it and make it 100x better!! How exciting?!

So what I WOULD LOVE if you could do and help a gal out is comment below (even if you don’t normally comment) about what you want to see on my blog. What type of posts, whether you want to see others bloggers writing, what images do you like and any things you think I could improve on!

Also if you were doing exams this summer I hope yours went well!


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18 responses to “Freedom!”

  1. shoutinggirl says:

    My exams are this week and I’m so nervous!!

  2. I finished mine mid May but I know how stressful they are. Congrats for getting them done!

  3. I totally get how you are feeling, I’m nearing the end of my photography course and am excited to have a bit more free time to dive back into the blog! x

  4. yay!!!! congrats on getting through exams!

  5. YAY for exams being over- would love to see a summer outfit of the week!

  6. Congrats!! Such a good feeling 😊

  7. gingersnapps says:

    Congrats on finishing your exams! Summery posts would be cool, outfits, makeup, are you going on holiday? A what’s in your Tavel bag would be good to see x

  8. Congrats on finishing your exams!

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