My Morning Routine Broken Down


One of the most cliché blog posts write here 4444SUREEEEE! But I had never ever done a morning routine posts and I was like ‘Bischh what????’ because it has always been on my to-write list (and yes I do have a to-write list full of blog post ideas).

However my mornings are about to change because I have very nearly finished my exams and then I have FOUR MONTHS OFF so I can sleeeeeeeppppppp all day – obviously I will surface at some point – but this gal needs to catch up on her missed beauty sleep!

So I am going to chat you through my typical morning for when I HAVE to get up for college or for work or for just having a busy and non-lazy day.


I will stir and my alarm will attempt to wake me up but lets just be honest the snooze button is too tempting.


My alarm will go off again, or my mum will be shouting up the stairs for me and my brother to get our butts out of bed or we will most likely be late…. NO I AM NEVER LATE I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT…..

I will then go downstairs and get my brekkie which either consists of my fave russian fudge yogurt or Belvita biscuits and a strawberry yogurt drink. Literally the quickest breakfast for on the go and I get my calcium in!! (I don’t drink milk so it helps)

I will also have a coffee if I have a bad nights sleep… #coffeeismybestie or a hot choc depending on the mood!



So this tends to be my natural time slot for the bathroom…. don’t ask my why or how but I go in first and then because I share a bathroom with my brother he just goes in after. I do all the chores like clean my teeth wash my face or pop on some moisturiser. *I am a night-time shower person btw*


This is when I do my very quick makeup routine as I am always in a rush and have to do it in like 5 mins maybe 10 mins maximum. I just do the basics but I have done a blog post in the past, talking about my morning makeup routine in-depth which you can find << here>>.  ALSO why I am here I just want to mention my new makeup mirror WHICH HAS LIGHTS ON LIKE OMG!! Wellvivid actually sent it to me which is really lovely but I love how it has two normal mirror sections, a section which is 2x zoomed and then a 3x zoomed section so its perfect for your makeup!! I totally recommend getting one so you will always have perfect makeup lighting… and Wellvivid share 10% of profits with the Prince’s Trust which is amazing!


Now I will just get changed into my clothes for the day which I normally mentally plan the night before ~ my nighttime thoughts every one ha HA! A spritz of perfume here and there and some jewellery bits and bobs to make the look complete.


This is the time where I will aim to leave the house… yes aim… and it usually consists of trying to pack my bags, trying to do something with my hair, trying to put my shoes on and trying to find my keys.

So a bit of a blurrrr but I treasure my beauty sleep so something has to give!

How does your morning go??


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*DISCLAIMER: This post is not a sponsored post and all views are my own*


21 responses to “My Morning Routine Broken Down”

  1. Hahahah that darn snooze button!

  2. Wow, jealous you can leave for school so late. My morning starts at 6:30…

  3. aww i loved this post so much!!

  4. I love this post so much!!

  5. Definitely similar to my mornings lmao. I am not at all a morning person *yaAAawn* xx

  6. KaylaMarie says:

    Your cover picture is so pretty!

  7. This sounds just like me! xx

  8. Loved reading this post!! It was so interesting xx

  9. Vera Stuart says:

    Loved this post, although I’m not entirely a morning person… haha

  10. hahahaha….Even i’m never EVER late ;)… loved your writing style….Amazing work…keep it up!! XOXO https://thetulipproject2017.wordpress.com

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