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Well this was meant to go up yesterday but I got sucked into two things… my bae Eastenders was on and I kept playing around on Adobe Sketch with this photo. I love love lovexxxxxxx it!

I had to double-check that I hadn’t done this blog post before as I have done a few photography posts here there n’ everywhere but I have never really shown you (apart from on my insta stories – @emilyclarebeauty Hit Me Up) son I thought it was time I would. FYI I am not a professional photographer, neither do I think I am good at it but I have just been teaching myself over the past couple of years and to say I have learn’t a few things is very much true!

As you can see my usual set up is not very complicated and is very chilled in terms of equipment. I used to use this big studio soft box light that I have – and it did a good job – but for now its a no from me (I feel like a BGT judge when saying that). I got it for the winter months when light is not on the side of bloggers (!!) but I have also discovered a little thing called exposure and actually just taking photos when it’s not dark LOL.

Hence the majority of the time I set up ~~ if I am shooting at home ~~ in my utility. It is the room in my home with the most natural light due to the window in the door, and the window next to it, and the sunlight we have in the ceiling. Also if I take my photos nearer sunset then it lights up the room perfecccccctttlyyyy.

*ALSO – I never wear my hair up in a bun in public so feel privileged to see it like this!!*

I then make my little set up of whatever photo I am planning to take. This can range from  beauty to lifestyle shots or gifted products. This little set up I wasn’t sure what I was aiming for but it ended up being a colourful concoction of makeup, and jewellery and my MacBook.

TIPPPPPPPP: if you have a MacBook or laptop they are often popular flatlay items!

I try to make it look a bit messy, chuck some rings over the place but make sure it looks right… if you get me? I don’t like having big gaps of nothing or if the composition doesn’t fit right for the shape of the photo. For me it is all about taking a photo, looking at it and then tweaking bits that need changing. SIMPLES!

I take the majority of my photos on my Canon 1300D with my USM 1.8f lens but this one and some of my others I take on my iPhone 7 Plus as it has a decent camera and I needed my camera to pose for this pic OBVS.

If I take them on my camera I use the little A setting – aka the aperture priority mode – and I always put the exposure up a little bit, however this depends on the natural lighting I have at the time.

Then I just pop them into my MacBook for editing. DONE.

If I take photos in a different location, like out and about, it is just a matter of doing it randomly if I find a good location to take some photos. But I can do a post all about location shoots if you would like that!

What does your photography set up look like??


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19 responses to “Taking My Blog Photos!”

  1. Amy Butcher says:

    I have been recently thinking about getting a camera rather than using my phone for pictures, what is the difference in quality like?x

  2. Rifat Yaseen says:

    Way less fancy than yours!😂 In my lawn with a mat and sheet papers😀

  3. alattestyle says:

    Love this! <3

  4. B. says:

    I bought a DSLR a couple of months ago to improve my photos. Boy, what a difference! They’re night and day. I’ve also been learning to improvise when natural lighting isn’t the best. I just need my husband to practice some shots with the camera so I can be in them, too. LOL. Photos where I’m visible have higher engagement than those without me :/ That’s one thing about blogging I enjoy: there’s a learning curve.

    • I can totally relate about the engagement. Photos which I am in get higher levels of engagement on my Instagram! I am teaching my mum on how to be my photographer 😉

  5. Love this post! xx

  6. Diva Inside says:

    Very useful post 🙂

  7. No lighting set up for us as all my photos are natural light and taken outside. I used to make Jewelry and made a contraption out of a cardboard box lined with a white sheet and used my dad’s construction light for lighting. The photos actually looked professional 😂

  8. Vera Stuart says:

    For me, setting up the composition of items is pretty easy but getting a perfect photograph from a perfect angle is a task that I’ve not yet mastered. That’s why my pictures look amateur, but oh well! Gotta learn!
    This post was fun to read… <3

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