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Not only have I got BIG plans for my blog once I finish school but I also have HUGE plans to revamp my bedroom. I have never really liked my bedroom if I am honest, and it has also been a ‘go for the thing I like in the heat of the moment’ rather than sit down and plan what I want my room to look like. I think if I had my own house it would be a field day for me.

A little bedroom history though is that I used to have baby pink walls. Yes, classic and girly and cute but gets a bit UGHHH after a while, so I had them painted white. And I don’t regret this because it has allowed me to change my mind on my bedroom plenty of times and not have the faff of repainting my room each time. After painting it, I got a silver lamp, matching photo frame and jewellery box, and then got red accessories like bedding, light shade and little trinkets that just bought out the red. WHY I WENT WITH RED I DON’T KNOW?! I am not the biggest fan of red and I think I just went with the best option at the time… *classic Emily*….

SO with the little money I have left over after buying my MacBook and new phone (yes I am very nearly broke HELP) I am going to try to change my room a bit, make it more glam, chic and grown up. I am thinking navy, silver (I’d like gold but I have too much silver to waste, plants galore and greys.

I have been have a looking around at some things I have like the look of and I will leave a list here of ~ possible future buys ~.

Ikea SUNNERSTA Trolley – £22  I really love the look of this little gem. It might look a bit basic but I have really wanted a bar cart in my room for all my bevvies, and some marble sticky back plastic and silver paint could make this look glam!

Ikea FEJKA Artificial Potted Plant – £6 – I would love to be an owner of a successfully growing plant like you seen around Pinterest candid homes, but I think I would kill any real plant even if I was trying to keep it alive.

John Lewis Round Hanging Mirror – £50 This mirror is so rustic I love it. It would be perfect to hang above my makeup desk as at the moment I only have a tiny little desk top mirror.

John Lewis V&A Tori Cushion Night Sky – £60 – This is probably the cushion I am least likely to buy because of the price, however I think it’s really stunning! I love the colours and patterns in it and it looks really luxurious!

H&M Short Metal Plant Pot in Powder Pink – £6.99 – So amongst the navy and grey I wanted a bit of light coming into the room and I thought that by picking up baby pink within the furnishing would be a good idea. Starting with this flower-pot!

H&M Stoneware Vase in Old Rose – £8.99 – I also have literally no vases. I always pinch my mum’s and she currently has mass amounts of flowers so I can’t have any in my room until I get one for myself.

Next Home Buy Cool Touch Tencel Blend Bed Set – £18 – I just want a simple white bed set so if I carry on my usual thought process I can change the colours of my bedroom again without worrying about bedding.

H&M Fringe Trimmed Cushion Cover – £12.99 – I love how simple this is and how dead cheap it is too compared to other cushions I have seen!

H&M Cotton Canvas Cushion Cover – £3.99 – I liked this just for the fact it ties in a bit more navy into the colour theme!

What do you think about my choices??


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  1. Oooh love!

  2. Love,Love,Love

  3. Min Jee says:

    Love it!

  4. Vera Stuart says:

    Oh, the items you mentioned are gorgeous! I especially love the round hanging mirror because I’ve wanted one like that forever! <3

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