Inside The Mind Of A Blogger

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Currently (whilst writing this blog) I am sat in college with time on my hands… Yes I know a bit of free time HURRAHHH! But it’s only for like five more minutes so this will be a test of my speed typing!

So I was wondering what to write about, as my list of ‘to blog’ is on my blog itself and my college does not have free wifi so I have gone into writing this post with no idea… Good one Emily *pats self on the back*.

I was wondering, I wonder what other bloggers write about, or how they come up with ideas to blog about, most bloggers don’t tend to blog as often as me, so I find it difficult not repeating myself in some way or another.

And that’s how we got here. Looking at how a bloggers thoughts process, because if you saw my thoughts on my blog daily… well… it would be a little overwhelming! So here are some of the thoughts that I have on a daily occurrence with my blog!

“Please say that I have some pre-written blog posts I can put up”

“Why do my photos look so CRAP?!”

“I like my new theme”

“I’m bored of my new theme”

“Oh damn I forgot to upload an Instagram post”

“Oops wrong Instagram story on the wrong account”

“What does this button do… (deletes whole blog post)”

“OOOOoooo someones asked for a collaboration”

“My likes aren’t very good on this photo”

“How many tags have I got on my photo so far?”

“How the hell do I caption this??”

“Ummmm… **forgotten train of thought completely** Oh FFS”

I am always thinking these things when it comes to my blog.

But I also have some positive thoughts too! Like once all my exams are over I literally can’t wait to start and focus on my blog likes it’s a job and I have BIG ideas, BIG plans and BIG ambitions! All very exciting and probably not achievable but I can’t wait to do more photo shoots, because I am literally doing none at the moment and I am finding myself going over past shoots in hope there is a usable photo there.

What do you often think of as a blogger??


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23 responses to “Inside The Mind Of A Blogger”

  1. Good luck if you’ve got any upcoming exams, it’ll be so good when you don’t have to worry about college and can just focus on your blog! And these thoughts are all so relateable, haha! xxx

  2. So relatable! My mind never turns off as a blogger, I don’t think anyone’s ever does

  3. Hubert Makia says:

    Really educative, I love the creativity and originality.

  4. raceenm says:

    So relatable

  5. Good luck for upcoming exams hun! And this is very relatable aha! There always a continual blog reel playing in the back of my mind aha xo

  6. Hi, I really like reading your posts and so I’ve nominated you…http://mancgirlmissing.com/2018/05/08/3-day-quote-challenge-day-1/

  7. Sarah Jane says:

    I ALWAYS think “Oh, my views would be better if I hadn’t taken a month off.” But what can you do? Oh well.

  8. Haha I pretty much think about all these things too so very relatable post 😂 xx

  9. Marioness says:

    Haha! Love your blog! And this is so relatable!!!


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  11. I started writing because there were some stories and thoughts dormant inside me. The only way I can bring it out is through writing. I found out I’m good at writing….probably the only thing I can excel……but at times I stumble back when my mind is blank….your post is relatable.

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