How To Be Your Own Girl Boss

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In the words of the amazing Queen B “If there is one thing I’m willing to be on its myself”. I mean common I could hardly resist quoting a bit of Beyonce because does she or does she not just scream FEMALE GIRL BOSS.

I personally view being an independent women so important, and it needs to be taught to the younger generation that they do NOT need to rely or be put down by anyone else. ARE YOU PREACHING IT BABE??

We <females> are strong and minus all the bitchiness and negativity share the power to achieve anything… As cheesy and cliché as it sounds. *SOZ*

The thing is that to be you own girl boss you have to believe it too! Duhhh!

To be your boss of ze’ girl you need to make sure you aren’t relying on anyone else. Obvs if you live at home, with your parents or are under 18 then you will have to rely on your parents. I am more talking about boys… I have a boyfriend, who I love, but he doesn’t define who I am because we are not the ‘other half of each other’ we are different people and we have our own lives. If you rely on your partner then I totally appreciate your view and choice, but learning to enjoy yourself and do things by your own creates your individuality.

I feel like being your own girl boss comes with a level of responsibility too, knowing your actions and consequences. I like to believe organisation comes with this because take for example, the other day I made a beaut revision time-table (yes revision timetables can look beaut) and completing it made me feel more in control of my life.

Sometimes though you just want to have a little sob and admit that you can’t do it. And trust me I have those days ALL THE TIME. Too much if you ask me buts that’s okay!! And it’s okay for you too because everyone is human (queue The Killers song Human…).

But most importantly I think that it’s important to believe that you are your own girl boss. Because if you don’t then you won’t be as it creates loads of self-doubt. Anyone can believe that they are their won girl boss because why not?? Even if you think there is there probably isn’t a viable reason why you can’t be. So start believe it babes!!


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25 responses to “How To Be Your Own Girl Boss”

  1. raceenm says:

    Love this topic

  2. Yes girl, preach it!!!

  3. Sarah Jane says:


  4. Tinu says:

    Amazing post dear.. Keep it up👍👍
    Check out my new post.. Its on tips to become a lady with class..


  5. arielxxlim says:

    Thank you for this really empowering post!! Say it louder for the people at the back

  6. Just M.E. says:

    Well you truly are a girl boss! I fricking love you blog, you have such good content and it’s adorable/trendy! If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you had this blog?

  7. heyshirls says:

    Love this so much!!!!!!!!!!! 100% agree with everything you said!

  8. Min Jee says:

    I agree

  9. An awesome read..Motivating.
    Also I wud like to write a guest post on beauty and health for your wonderful blog..

  10. Vera Stuart says:

    Awesome read!

  11. This is great! I love that there is such a movement around empowering women and girls at the moment. 👏🏻

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