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Yes, I am indeed one of those lazy people who can never be bothered to put primer on *rolls eyes* because I JUST DON’T HAVE THE TIME to sit there and wait for it to dry. I know it is so bad and it will mean my makeup won’t last as long but I decided to try to get myself into a routine of using a primer and seeing whether I noticed a difference.

One slight issue I found with my little experiment you could say is that I went all guns blazing and just picked a primer on Superdrug, not looking at reviews or what skin type for primer was best for and I messed up… I got a matte primer but it dried my skin the heck out.

My fault I KNOWWWW.

SO when I was actually using the primer, especially on my forehead I found that it just didn’t stay on and flaked like a pastry << EWW >>. I don’t think I used it very many times, however there has been instances in the past when I have used primer (I luvvvvved The Ordinary Liquid Primer) but when I run out I am just ‘CBA’ to buy another… plus The Ordinary one is forever out of stock.

Then I tried not using a primer at all. I did notice my makeup didn’t blend as smoothly. Because it doesn’t have that layer on your skin to protect your pores, so it can be harmful to your skin. I am lucky and *touch wood* have relatively good skin, and only get the odd spot around that dreaded time of the month, but it would be better if you are prone to spots to use it just to prevent further breakouts.

I have also tried using a Nivea moisturiser which I just had lying around, because I felt that after the whole scenario with the primer my skin needed a bit of TLC and moisture. This is a VERY thick moisturiser which does take time to dry, but I have fitted it into my routine that I apply it when I clean my teeth so that it will be drier before I put my makeup on.

My makeup never lasts all day, I normally have to top it up, however I am a firm believer that this is primarily down to what makeup I am using, how much of a rush I am in and then what I use to blend in my makeup.

What primer do you use IF you use one??

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  1. April says:

    I’ve been using up the Smashbox primer that ipsy sent me, but honestly, I can’t tell a difference in how my makeup wears with it.

  2. I always switch my primers out as I always looking to try a new interesting product 😅 But the ones I’ve far tried have all been okay, but not amazing

  3. cherilyndoes says:

    Honestly, I have always thought primer was a gimmick. When I wore foundation, I rarely used primer because I just didn’t like the way my makeup sat on my face. Then I received a Dr. Brandt Luminizing primer in a beauty box and LOVED the way my makeup applied. It’s super expensive though. I haven’t used foundation in over a month (trying something new), so I am currently only using a primer with a highlight and blush. My go to primer has been the Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime Blur + Illuminate. It blurs my pores and also gives me a slight glow. 🙂 I like the same primer without the illuminate. It feels like a lotion and seeps into my skin; it’s not slippery like a silicone primer.

    I remember reading or watching a video that a primer should be selected based on the foundation used (water based or oil based), so maybe that’s where I’ve gone wrong?

    Regardless of the makeup I use, the Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day or the Urban Decay All Nighter setting sprays really glue my makeup to my face. 🙂

  4. Primer is a base of makeup.

  5. I’ve tried a few primers, like 40. =)

    I would say Hourglass Veil primer is absolutely fabulous but people either love it or hate it and no in between. I love it… since it’s at Sephora – you can get a sample to try it first. Now… this is really weird but my new absolute to do for holy grail, it has come from heaven…. is……. Colorescience All Calm. It’s really not a primer but it does everything a primer should plus… it’s SPF 50 Plus… it tones out all facial redness. OMG!! At first, I didn’t like it. It was just weird to me. But after I used it a few times under my makeup – NOW? I will never be without the stuff. It’s thick and kind of awkward at first, but OMG!!! Nothing is better.

  6. Emayra says:

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  7. Emayra says:

    Primer is very essential for the makeup…

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