Who Run The World? GIRLS!

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In the famous words of Queen B (Beyonce) “Who run the world? GIRLS”. Happy International Women’s Day! Looking at all the posts on my private and blog Instagram today have made me so happy because it’s so to good to people, men and women celebrate the day. As a women, I feel empowered to make a change in the world. If one day, my blog gets bigger, I want to use it to raise awareness for issues in the world and try to change something #inspirational.

I still hear comments, even from people who I know, about gender rights and anti-feminism remarks and it is just like UGHHHH ITS 2018 FOR CHRISTS SAKE! Why should women not have equal pay? Why should women have less rights across the world? What makes us any different rather than the way our body’s look? I just don’t get why people even need to feel like they have an argument for that ~ controversial I know ~ but I just DON’T GET IT.

I don’t need men to steer me in the right direction, I don’t expect to have to do all of the house work or cleaning when I am older ‘because that’s what women should do’, I don’t want to rely off a mans money. I am my own person.

Today, and any other day, should remind you to stick by yours girlfriends and you besties and not judge, bitch about or tear down each other, and instead encourage and empower each other. There are many women in my life who have inspired me and given me little chips of advise so I thought I would just mention them to show my appreciation.

My Mum – I chose the photo above because it is one of my mum and I which we took last week in the snow and I love it. She is the main woman I look up to in my life and I can talk to her about anything. It is also her 50th birthday today so Happy Birthday Mum!

My Godmother Allison – Allison has always treated me as one of her own and has always been such a lovely person, and for that I will always be grateful. I treat my godparents and god-brothers like my family and we are even going to Croatia with them this year which I can’t wait for!

My Grandmothers – All three of my Grandmothers are idols to me and have inspired me daily. They have raised beautiful family’s and have given me so much knowledge that I will always cherish.

My Friend Charlotte – Charlotte has helped me through a heck of a lot when it comes to applying to university and has given me so much advice through the last couple of years. I look up to her as a big sister figure and I admire for how hard-working she is.

All My Friends – My friends do mean the world to me… we defo have huge ups and downs but we are teenage girls what else do you expect? We have stuck together for so long and they will always stick up for each other.

Tanya Burr – Tanya just amazes me how much work she can do to change women’s rights and how she uses her platform to support acts like this is really inspirational. There was one about women’s sanitary items for the poor/homeless which was a march she spoke about and I was just like ‘Damn I want to be like that’.

All My Followers – I have met some really amazing women through my blogs, ones which I hope to someday meet up with and speak to in person. And also everyone that reads my blogs because the support that you have given me is something I couldn’t have even dreamed about so THANK YOU!

“Here’s to strong women. We may know them. We May Be Them. We May Raise Them”


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22 responses to “Who Run The World? GIRLS!”

  1. Happy birthday to your mom. Mother’s are gold❤

  2. Ahh, loved this! YES, girls empowering other girls! This is the internet I signed up for!

  3. Collect Life says:

    Love this. Thanks for sharing 👍😀

  4. so many awesome women to celebrate today- including YOU!

  5. Happy birthday to your Mum!! And happy international Women’s day 😀 xx

  6. Such a cute post !!! 😍

  7. Great post, I have nominated you for The Mystery Blogger Award! x

  8. Great post. I love where you said: “Today, and any other day, should remind you to stick by yours girlfriends and you besties and not judge, bitch about or tear down each other, and instead encourage and empower each other.” I so agree – for some reason women feel like there needs to be female-on-female aggression. I’m not sure why. But we need to support and encourage each other – we need to treat each other with respect!

  9. mezigblog says:

    Very nice photo

  10. Vera Stuart says:

    This blog post, is going to be printed and pinned up on my wall for the rest of eternity! I love how you inspire everyone so much <3
    Great going, and I love reading your blog posts! <3

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