Snow Day

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ITS SNOWWWWWINNGGGGG! I love snow if you can’t tell, but where I live, in Devon (the ‘elephants head’ part of England) it rarely snows because it is always slightly warmer than the rest of the country. At the moment the UK is experiencing the ‘Beast from the East’ which basically means at some point this week the whole of the UK is going to experience the coldness and snowiness. We weren’t actually forecasted snow until tonight/tomorrow however very unexpectedly it snowed last night ~ which you would have seen on my Instagram story ~ and for the whole of today. It has been quite funny really watching everyone go into complete and utter melt down including my college being ridiculous about sending people home. But my friend Georgie and I decided to go home before it got worse, and then we made a cute little Harry Potter snowman — didn’t quite remember how much effort it took to create a snowman I think that was my work out for today…. And then I came back home and took some photos in the snow with my Mum and our neighbour Colette. So in long here are the photos of our snow day!
FYI My coat is from Next and yes it did keep me V warm!
I am sure I will get some more in the course of tomorrow as it is expected to snow overnight and all day tomorrow!
Have you had any snow?!
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27 responses to “Snow Day”

  1. Aw you look so cute! Sounds fun!

  2. Nice pic 👌🏻Noo it’s very cold here but no snow 😭 you’re lucky

  3. We’ve had snow today too!! It’s been freezing though 😭 xx

  4. I am obsessed with that red puffer!!!

  5. I’m not going to lie, this snow is breaking me. I’m usually in North Devon at work but I’m currently is Surrey and it’s colder than a frozen cold thing. 🙁

  6. Rutvi says:

    i love those pictures! enjoy the snow 🙂

  7. I’ve been loving the snow! Great pictures xx

  8. Adell Baker says:

    I’m Birmingham we got hit with the worst of the snow back in December so this time round we’ve missed out of most of the heavy snow and it’s just light flurries that never stay too long. You seem to be loving the snow judging by the photographs. x

  9. New Lune says:

    Love all the pictures! You look beautiful! 💗

  10. Lindsayrose says:

    Fabulous piccies hun that coat is gorgeous too and really stands out!!! We’re in Liverpool and have had a bit but the winds are just battering us now x

  11. I’m from Wales and we just got a load of snow (I live right by the ocean so that’s rare!) I loved having a few snow days. I actually wrote about it on my blog as well. I miss the snow already…

  12. Abbie Gaunt says:

    what do you use to take your photos? they’re gorgeous! X x

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