Does The Young Organic Skin Care Range Work?!

To me having a skin care routine can be quite laborious as I just forget about it. I don’t mean to ~ I swear ~ and I have been making more of an effort this year. My skin used to be a little bit shambolic. You know everyone gets it (unless you are annoyingly blessed by the skin gods) when they are going through puberty and your body is changing. I used to get bad skin on my forehead when I was 13… I think… as I also had a fringe, which didn’t do me any favours as the oils from your hair can clog up your pores. UGHHH I hate the word clog. *VOM*
However a little something something arrived in the post from a company called the Green People asking me to review their Organic Teen products. I thought these products seemed cool and would suit my skin so I agreed on doing a review of what they sent. *DISCLAIMER TO ALL THOSE MOANY PEOPLE* I am not being paid for this review and I am saying my honest thoughts.
Their range is aimed at teenage, acne prone and sensitive skin, however many people have said they are not teens and find it perfect!
I will do this in order of the way I have been using the products, so first is the << Clear Skin Foaming Face Wash >> and ohmygod where has this been my whole life? I find this product SO satisfying to use because it’s literally a foam that your rub onto your face that melts into a cream substance. I really like the smell of it, it sort of smells like a mix between shaving foam and witch hazel, and its a good combo. It is perfect for sensitive skin and it has green tea extracts in so really gets all the toxins out your face. It also has super good online review so they are obviously doing something right!
Next I used the << Clear Skin Purifying Serum >>. It is meant to be a paste that you apply to areas that are prone to troubles or redness and it is 88% natural. OH DID I FORGET TO MENTION ITS ALL VEGAN FRIENDLY FYI. The only negative thing about the products is that I would say they need more instructions on their packaging to say how to use it. Either I am extremely dumb or whatever but I wasn’t sure whether to apply it to wet or dry skin, and how long to leave it on for, or whether to wash it off or not. But I did notice a huge decrease in redness, especially on my t-zone. I can’t say whether it has helped acne, as at the moment my skin is pretty good in that area, however I am getting my brother to test it out too, so I can see what he thinks.
Lastly is the << Clear Skin Cleaning Moisturiser >>. I think this moisturizer smells really damn good. It smells like sherbet but you can also tell that it is a nice fresh and natural moisturizer. You really don’t need a lot of the moisturizer as it goes a very long way, and it isn’t too thick so you don’t end up waiting forevs for it to dry. However I don’t know whether it was a combo of using all the products, I found it to be a little tightening on my skin, like I need to moisturize again. Saying this, when I woke up the next morning after using it, I could tell I had used it as my face felt fresh and soft!
The price range is not drug store, but it’s not bank breaking either. The products range from £11 to £14, so for their quality and their ethics I think they are quite reasonably priced.
Have you heard of this brand before? 
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8 responses to “Does The Young Organic Skin Care Range Work?!”

  1. Kate says:

    Ive been using this range too and found the exact same tightening thing to happen to my skin haha. Glad it’s not just me then and I think it’s the moisturiser, at least it feels like it’s doing something though! X
    Kate// itskaterose.com

  2. I need to try!! I need new skin care products

  3. Great review. In terms of skin care routine I’m the same, I try to follow every step daily but but it’s not possible 😂I always miss to use stuff and end up using just cold water and moisturize.

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