Valentines Brekkie At Bills

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Happy Valentines/Palentines/Galentines day!! I hope wherever you are or who you celebrated it with, that you enjoyed it! A lot of people are a firm believer that Valentines day is just a commercialized excuse to make money blah blah BLAH… but I believe it is a day to enjoy. COME ON! I mean who doesn’t want to have a bit of fun. Yes, it’s a pain as it falls on a Wednesday but even if you are single then why not just get some friends round for a ~ bevvie ~ or go out bowling with some mates!
My boyfriend and I (Gaz) went to Bills for a breakfast, our original plans to go to Wagamamas were scrapped as it’s a bit of a trek from where we live, so we last-minute booked a table for Bills. Neither of us had been before because it is relatively new and hasn’t been opened very long, but the menu looked TOO GOOD TO RESIST. I had the three pancakes with syrup and bacon – a mix I had never tried before but I-CAN-TOTALLY-SEE-WHY-EVERYONE-RAVES-ABOUT-IT and Gaz had the Bills breakfast which is a traditional English breakfast. NGL it looked really good. Gaz also had the Watermelon, Peach and Raspberry Juice which was vV refreshing and I went for the extremely healthy option of the chocolate brownie milkshake…. (SHHHHHH It’s a cheat day/week….!)
I tried to capture the atmosphere in the restaurant, I love the way it is decorated, with old-looking light shades, rustic stairways, pipes and big beautiful canvases. I have never been to any other Bills so if you have, is this what all the others are like??
We then just had a wonder around the shops where I unnecessarily bought more Lush items because they smelt so damn good! 
What did you get up to on Valentines day?! 
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16 responses to “Valentines Brekkie At Bills”

  1. I agree with your sentiments – what is wrong with an excuse to show your love for someone? We find the fun in it too, and celebrate in non-commercial ways like making each other dinner and other small gestures. happy valentines!

  2. Omg this breakfast looked incredible! Hope you had an awesome Valentine’s Day xoxo

  3. caitlincx says:

    I looove bills breakfasts!!! 😍😋 hope you had a lovely day

  4. Mmmm that breakfast looks amazing 😊 I hope you had a great valentines day xx

  5. I hope you had an amazing day! The place looks so lovely.
    -Jennifer x

  6. Looks like such a nice place! Hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day xx

  7. chloeburford says:

    Bills restaurants are so quirky! Your drinks look delicious too! Xx

  8. The pancakes are so filling aren’t they!? I can’t fathom people being able to finish 5 of them off. Try scrambled egg along with the bacon and pancakes next time. Devine! Great post! / Anna x

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