Goodbye January

January, January, January oh weren’t you a bit of a mess…. Does nobody else feel this??? I feel like January ALWAYYYYYYSSSSSSSS drags so much, like to me its felt like the entire month has been three months long or something. I am not going to lie, the fact that January is now coming to an end is pretty exciting. Although the amount I complain about it, doesn’t mean nothing good happened. I just can’t get over how my friends and I were welcoming in the New Year only a few weeks ago, but it seems a decade ago!!
For me it was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. EWWW HOW CLICHE. I know but it definitely had its lows and highs. For example a large part of it has been vV stressful with a week of exams in the second week, and coursework due in Friday coming. This might explain why I have been a little quite the last few weeks…. Sorry coursework is a BiG priority.
And the week just been has literally be ~~ JINXED ~~ for me. Everything has gone wrong or come back and slapped me in the face… like seriously please give me a break babes thanks.
However there have been some really positive moments which I enjoyed and moments that I have made myself incredibly proud. For example, after I ate y weight in chocolate over the Christmas period I have been determined to get more toned. I haven’t lost weight, I have just lost fat and put on muscle #HENCH. Obvs I am not, but the results from after my first gym sesh of 2018 to now is incredible.
Another moment which I am just like YES to is that I had an interview for Plymouth College of Art to study Fashion Media and Marketing. I have never been to an interview before, and I was very nearly late because of traffic, but I did it. I was a nervous ball of emotions that day but I did get an UNCONDITIONAL offer which I am super happy with!
I also spent a lot of time with family and friends for my brother birthday, my grans birthday and late celebrations of my birthday which was fun. My mum, my Gran and I went to watch the musical Hairspray live which was insane – you don’t always get the opportunity to say you have seen your fave musical live. We have also been to the cinema a few times – including on Wednesday when we went to watch Pitch Perfect 3…. OMG IT WAS HILARE!
That is a very quick summary of my January…. What was your January like??
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4 responses to “Goodbye January”

  1. I normally hate January too, but this one was actually pretty good. My friend’s sister left university so we had to help, which was kinda fun meeting all her friends and and chatting with my friends too, and we celebrated Lauryn’s birthday at a really fancy hotel paid for by her boyfriend. Glad it’s nearly February tho, can’t wait for Valentines with Liam (my bf)

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