Is The Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Worth The Hype?!

I know that there are A LOT of good mascara’s out there, everyone has that one favourite mascara that they always go to and the others they have are just sat their in the draw waiting years to be used – Don’t deny it I know you do!! If I had to narrow my list of mascara’s down to the top one before Christmas I would have said it was my Clinique High Impact mascara because it is really natural and doesn’t smudge underneath the eye during the day! That was before Christmas though…
For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (thank you Allison!) and you have nooooooooo IdEa how long I have been wanting to give it ago. 1) Because it is one of the PRETTIEST mascara’s out there with the matte pink casing but 2) Because it had such good reviews I was wondering whether it actually was better than sex ha ha!
So ever since I got it I have been trying it out and giving it a little go so I could report back to you whether I really think it is worth the hype.
It is a mighty big mascara I will tell you that to start with 4SURE. So even though it is an expensive mascara you do get a good-sized product. And I mean some on the packaging as is said is GORGEOUSSSSS. I always looked at people’s instagram photos with this product in and was always like giveeeeeeemmmeeeeee!
The shape of the wand is curved so that you can easily reach those pesky inside lashes! It smells quite nice too – weirdly – but I have used a mascara before and it was just so pungent and I was just like I AM NOT PUTTING THAT NEAR MY EYE.
The best way to describe this mascara is that is makes your lashes VERY bold. If you want a natural eye look you probably wouldn’t want to use this mascara. It is thick, but not clumpy, adding extra definition to the lashes. I was really surprised about the amount of product that came out on the brush though, which I am not sure if is a good thing or bad thing?
This mascara is defo going to be my go to mascara for a night out when I want those lashes POPPING. It can flake off a little but that tends to only happen if you rub your eyes. One thing I have noticed is that it can take a little longer to dry than other mascaras, and knowing me I ALWAYS sneeze when I put my mascara on… T.Y.P.I.C.A.L. However it stays on for super long so I can deal with it.
I would say that this mascara is a very good mascara, and for those who were wondering it is also vegan and cruelty free, but if you want to know whether it is actually better than sex then… well I will leave that up to you! Ha HA!
You can find the Too Face Better Than Sex Mascara here.
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34 responses to “Is The Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Worth The Hype?!”

  1. Nour says:

    Great post!! I love this mascara so much! I am with you on it oddly smelling kinda nice 🙂

  2. frombeautytobooks says:

    This is my favourite mascara!

  3. Swanna says:

    I heard the L’oreal Paradise Extatic was a dupe for this but obviously being L’Oréal it’s not vegan or cruelty free. I don’t think volumising mascaras are my type so I think I’ll end up passing on this! X

  4. I got this mascara too and it is AMAZING

  5. I love this post. I feel like this mascara is all the rage in the beauty blogging world right now!!

  6. Always Cleia says:

    Alnost every blogger I read loves this mascara but it flakes soooo bad on me 😅 I get maybe 5 hours of wear before I look like a panda. Maybe I have a bad bottle 😮

    • I have the same issue! I’ve had several travel sized ones from gift sets and freebies, but have yet to use a bottle that doesn’t start flaking badly soon after. I’ve found if I use it only at my roots, then a mascara I like better over my full lashes, it works much better and gives me a fuller look without having to deal with falsies. 🙂

      • Always Cleia says:

        Oo thanks for the tip, I’ll try that! I wonder if it’s a problem with the travel size, that’s what I have 😮 The flaking is so annoying!

  7. I’m more tempted to try this after hearing it smells nice! I’m totally with you, the tarte lights camera lashes smells like tar, and I’m like should I be putting this near my face??
    Lovely post!

  8. Jessica Anna says:

    I got this for Christmas in the Too Faced Mystery bag and haven’t tried it out yet, but I can’t wait to now!

  9. Kait McGuire says:

    I loved it but it is the hardest waterproof product to ever take off.

  10. Great post! This was a favorite of mine for a long time (and the packagaing is beautiful!)
    If you liked this one, try out the L’Oreal Paradise Mascara — similar packaging and great mascara 🙂

  11. Great post! I’m actually not the biggest fan of Tarte’s BTS – it works well toward the root of my lashes, but I’ve found I don’t get the fullness I’m looking for in the middle and tips of my lashes. I’ve never bought the full size, but have several freebie/travel sizes of it laying around. Typically I’ll use it as a ‘base’ mascara at the roots, then one with less flaking (I need long wear for my 16+ hour work days) and more volume/impact over the full lash.

  12. I really want to try this mascara I’ve heard so many good reviews about it 😊 xx

  13. lovecally says:

    I just bought this mascara and I love it! It’s definitely worth the hype I think!!
    Love, Cally x

  14. I think the L’oreal Lash Paradise mascara is a million times better, and almost an exact dupe. I don’t like the thicker, clay-like formula of Better Than Sex, but love the brush. Lash Paradise is a wetter formula with the same brush, and it’s also cheaper. I do like Better Than Sex, but I also think there are better alternatives 🙂
    Great post!

  15. I would love to give it a try!

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