Christmas Meal At Wagamamas

Not only is Christmas time for giving and celebrating but it is also time to indulge yourself in a hell load of food. IDC ABOUT THAT SUMMER BOD… Well maybe but I am not even going to bother trying to diet because why when you can enjoy eating all ‘dem pigs in blankets and mince pies!!
So last night, my friends and I took a trip to wagamamas for my birthday meal (my birthday isn’t until Sunday but it was the closest day we could all meet up FYI) and I thought I would do a little blogmas post about it because WAGAS I LUV U. It is one of my fave restaurants but I forgot to take photos of the food – classic me.
So Rosie and I got all glammed up back at mine, she came back helped me take yesterday’s blog photos and then we put the music on and she painted my nails whilst I did her makeup #pamperseshgoals. Then we met all my friends there after picking Milly up on the way!
Some of us grabbed some mocktails to start with as it was mid-week (ha ha!) and I had the elderflower and mint one which was LUSHHHHHH. Then I had my wagamamas usual which was chicken gyoza as a side and then chicken katsu curry which = bae. If you have never been before I truly recommend both. Basically chicken gyoza is little steamed pastry packages with a chicken filling and the katsu curry is breaded chicken with sticky rice and such a beaut curry sauce. A lot of my friends had the same, and Rosie had pulled pork gyozas which were also VERY nice.
We had a lovely time and it was nice to get a little dressed up. My top and trousers were from Boohoo if you were wondering, my heels were from New Look and my leather jacket was Zara.
Have you ever been to Wagamamas?!
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11 responses to “Christmas Meal At Wagamamas”

  1. Gorgeous photo of you two giggling! Xx

  2. Love this! I completely agree. I’ve been eating my calories in cookies dough! Shameful I know…I just can’t stop!
    You have a beautiful blog!
    xoxo Lauren

  3. Lovely photos! Happy Birthday for Saturday! Hope you had a wonderful day xo

  4. Loved it!!
    For such beautiful eyes, I present forth a poem I wrote.
    Please do give it a read. I hope you will like it 😀

  5. Your welcome. I hope you will like the poem.🤞

  6. These trousers are beaut!

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