The £4 Scarf I Am LOVING

Can you tell when I took the photos it was slightly windy? No…? IT WAS SO WINDY I THOUGHT I WOULD FALL OVER. Talking of weather I am well jel of all you lot in the UK who are reading this and have had inches of snow. As I live in Devon snow is a rarity and we have had showers but nothing compared to the rest of the UK. Being a snow lover I am heartbroken tbh.
Onto the main subject of today’s post, it is as it looks like a fashion post. YASSSSSS. I love doing fashion posts and can’t wait until next year when I go to uni because not only will I be doing fashion posts A LOT more they will look more profesh and my blog will be so much better.
I love a good scarf in winter. It has to be my staple accessory not even for the warmth just because I think it finishes an outfit really well. Okay maybe for the warmth too but I do wear it when it is not needed BECAUSELEGITIHAVEBEENWEARINGITALLTHETIME.
This simple grey scarf is my new fave scarf which I have been wearing with every single outfit atm, and was only £4!! How bloody amazing is that?! Guess where it is from? Go on have a guess…. PRIMARK.
I purchased it about a month ago because I didn’t have a plain scarf that I could just throw on with any outfit and one which I could also use as a blog prop… #bloggersinitiative. I also really want a camel coloured scarf so I am constantly keeping my eye out for one. One of the other girls in Fashion also has this scarf  and she wears it all the time as she is in love with it like myself.
It is a bit like a blanket scarf because when it folds out it is huge and really wide, so you can throw it around you like a wrap scarf or you can fold it in half. The way I wear it the most it either folded in half and draped around my neck, or like the way in the **cringey** photos where I have wrapped it around twice.
That way is particularly good if you want to wear a thick heavy coat because it will look stylish and won’t seem too bulky under your clothing.
‘What makes it different to any other grey scarf?’ it’s only four pound duhhhh!! Why pay for so much when you can have the same for so cheap. I have caught it a few times but then it is a woolen jumper than can happen to any.
Primark have so many winter accessories in at the moment from beanies with faux fur pom poms, to scarfs and gloves in so many different varieties so if you need something to help keep warm then I suggest popping in to your local shop and have a look!
Have you got a fave winter accessory? 
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15 responses to “The £4 Scarf I Am LOVING”

  1. Love a Primarni bargain! x

  2. cherilyndoes says:

    I love my UGG boots. I live in Florida so I don’t get to wear them often, but they’re so comfy and warm and soft. 🙂

  3. mariiacano says:

    You look so lovely! I’ve been loving beanies lately.

  4. Awww this scarf is so cute 😊 xx

  5. Love this post! I have about 6 inches of snow here!!

  6. chloeburford says:

    As gorgeous as your scarf is I am in love with your jumper! xx

  7. Love this post! 😊
    Can you check out my posts aswell!?

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