How To Get Drop Dead Gorgeous Straight Hair #ad

I have always had relatively straight hair. Well apart from the fact I didn’t have hair until about the age of 2, #baldbaby, if I blow dry my hair it will be dead straight. But SO many of my friends try so hard to get straight hair and from all their tips and from what I also know I like to think myself of a bit of a ‘straight hair guru’. Everyone has different hair types – thick or thin, colour, length, style – so not every tip will help you, however hopefully you can find one that you will LOVE. (P.s loving this hair post? Check this one out here too!)

Get Those Straighteners Out

The most obvious I know but you won’t fail if you use the right pair of hair straighteners*. Straightening your hair isn’t a long-term solution if you want straight hair forevs, but if you spend a little bit more on a good quality pair of straighteners then your hair will stay longer than if you buy a cheap pair. My first straighteners were about £10, were very thin and tiny, suitable for travelling though, but they didn’t do the best of jobs especially as my hair is very thick. One on my Christmas list is the Panasonic Nanoe Ceramic Hair Straighteners* ~ because yes even though I have straight hair I use them to just make it look more silky ~ and I know my mum ADORES her GHD straighteners and they haven’t failed her in the 6 years she has had them!

Choose Your Shampoo & Conditioner Wisely

Believe it or not some shampoos and conditioners can help your hair look straighter. Make sure not to choose one that is for people with straight hair, and do your research looking at reviews first! You don’t want to buy something that won’t work the way you want it too!

Blow Dry Your Hive

If I let my hair dry naturally… not only will it take at least 24 hours to dry (then I will need to wash it again soon)… but it will go wavy, which sometimes I like for a change but it is just a bit inconvenient. I personally find that blow drying my hair gives it volume and makes it straighter. However this will only work if you have reasonably wavy hair – not curls.


Natural or from a salon you can make masks that can straighten your hair. I have never personally used one but if you make them yourself then if it goes wrong you can just wash it out. If you do them twice a week over a month you will start seeing changes in your hair, making it straighter. You can find different recipes all over the internet! EASY PEASY!

Permanent Treatments

If you are 100% sure you want straight hair (are you sureeeee?) then you can get treatments that will make your hair straight FOREVER. Yep your heard me. But… yes there is a but… it can damage your hair. Any chemicals on your hair obvs aren’t going to do any good but if you go with the right salon that know what they are doing it will be very minimal.
What type of hair do you have?
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18 responses to “How To Get Drop Dead Gorgeous Straight Hair #ad”

  1. Beautybyluce says:

    This is a great read and very informative! Love it xx

  2. outnaboutweb says:

    Amazing tips! Your hair looks just beautiful!! Great post 🙂
    love, elena

  3. I have wavy hair, and it’s very annoying. I want straight hair, but it’s such a project! It just doesn’t look that good wavy. If I dry my hair naturally, it will be wavy.

  4. Mariah Alyse says:

    I have really thick, curly hair and it can be such a pain to blow out and then straighten but I love how it looks straight! Your hair looks amazing!!

  5. haha my hair takes ages to dry too!

  6. I have super culry hair, will give some of these tips a try. !!!!

  7. Please make a blog post on how to take and edit photos for blogs😢❤

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