The Coat That Everyone Asked About

I do love me a good coat. In fact I now have made quite the coat collection, which I am vV proud of because it means I am already suited-n-booted for winter. Obvs I probably don’t need anymore, but we all know that won’t stop me. I think one of the main reasons why I love this time of year, and the colder whether is because you can go out and wrap up warm in all the trendy coats on offer… Plus the toasted marshmallows by the fire…
But I want to talk about << this gem of a coat >> which was ever so kindly sent to me by Next. (Yes next like omg!!). It is the Short Duvet Coat in red, and I can’t help but completely OBSESS over it. I mean how can’t you when it’s just this irresistible?! It is basically a very thick, very P U F F Y and very warm coat. I got it in a size 12, so a size bigger than usual because I like my coats being over sized, so then I can add multiple layers underneath it in the colder whether. When I was out and about in Plymouth taking these photos, I had numerous people ask me about where I got my coat… So thank you Next you babes.
I LAVVVV the collar on the coat, which is oversized, and you can either leave it undone or when it is colder you can do it up with the poppers so make it feel like you have just bought your duvet out and wrapped it around you. Best of both world’s hey?! It is a very unique coat because it doesn’t have a zip, but poppers instead. This might be seen as a bit impractical but I think its cool and different for a change! It has toggles at the bottom on each side so you can pull in the bottom, making it look more like a bomber jacket and giving it a bit of shape.
Let me talk about the colour… RED. If you haven’t got anything red in your wardrobe for this season then what are you doing? Seri, its one of the most on trend colours for this autumn and winter, and you will have everyone looking at you in awe. Whether it is just adding a bit of red on your lips or getting a statement piece like this coat… red anything is a must.
I simply matched this coat with my << Ripped Topshop Jamie Jeans >> which I am in nearly every day because the fit is just PERRRFFFFFEECT. I didn’t want to just wear black and red and I wanted to add a pop of colour so hence why I chose the blue jeans.
Also, I went for a plain black short-sleeved t-shirt from Primark, I think it was only £2 so where can you go wrong?? Not forgetting the brown belt of course which I just added to jazz the outfit up a bit.
Shoes wise I went for my trust old converses which are looking a tad bit dated now as I got them about 2½ years ago in Florida, but they had all the right colours on them and just fitted the look really well.
I want to say thank you to my friends Emily and Emily for coming with me to take these awesome shots (Yes we are all called Emily…). Emily ~ or Millsy ~ as we call her actually is an amazing photographer and has a new photography instagram account so be a babe and give her a follow || @photography_edm ||.
Have you got anything red in your wardrobe this season?
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26 responses to “The Coat That Everyone Asked About”

  1. wow it looks so cosy!

  2. Best things about wearing the coat? You don’t have to fret about what to wear inside it.

  3. You look AMAZE in the coat! xx

  4. Silksache't says:

    cutest coat everrrrrrrr

  5. Julie says:

    Love your Jacket! Perfect for the cold nights in the next months!

  6. You really can’t go wrong with a nice red coat!

  7. andlivloves says:

    This is such a cool and bold piece!

  8. Tu es belle says:

    deffo going to buy it!!

  9. palettepop says:

    Omg it’s absolutely gorg! I need a puffer coat too now!

  10. finally ive been looking for a coat like this for soooo long!

  11. kaitmcqueen says:

    I can’t wait for it to be jacket weather in Massachussetts!

  12. Matilda says:

    excuse me bitch? but I didn’t want to hear about your coat

    • Hi ‘Matilda’.
      I am writing this email to question your recent comments on my blog posts. Last Monday you left some quite horrible comments on my blog Emily Clare Beauty, insulting me and being quite frankly rude. I just wanted to let you know I don’t understand why you would make an account on WordPress, take your time to go back over posts which are several months old and leave those comments. I am not having a go, I am simply curious. For any blogger, it is hurtful to have comments left on blog posts, as we take a lot of time, dedication and money into our blogs. If you are able to discuss your reasoning’s with me in a grown up and sensible manner I would really appreciate that.

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