Becoming Carefree and Confident

I have been really wanting to do a blog post on confidence for a while because it’s a topic I feel is sometimes just swept under the rug a little. One of my first posts was all about body confidence but c’mon that is nearly two years ago ~ it doesn’t count. I guarantee everyone you know has a bit of self-doubt – even if they are the loudest most confident type of people, because it is natural that everyone does.
I can lack confidence a lot, and its something that occurs everyday, but I really want to strive to change that. It depends on who I am around, because when I am with my friends I am a different person to if I was put in a position where I feel uncomfortable. Trying to change your confidence is a big deal. It’s not that easy. I panic and get really anxious when I do things that are out of the norm – if I am out late etc… – I just struggle sometimes to go with the flow.
And don’t even get me started on the body confidence. This is something that I don’t think I will ever truly get over but I have been going to the gym once of twice a week since the start of September, and however much I complain about it I do actually enjoy it and feel good for going. I have scars, I have stretch marks, I don’t have a perfect bikini bod but I am young and there are more important things I could be thinking about or worrying about. I don’t think the McDonalds trips do me any good… but oh well YOLO. It’s v cliché but you get one body and you should embrace it for what it is, even if others judge because if they do then at the end of the day they are not worth it. But then you also have to respect that and know your limit.
My fashion makes me confident and its one way I can really express myself without worrying. I remember when I first got my dungarees from TopShop and they weren’t very common at the time, and it could be seen as a bit odd to wear them, but I loved them. I would wear them and // wouldn’t give a monkeys \\ about who thought what about them. As a fashion student, I do pride myself in my clothes and trying to keep up with the trends, but I also understand that everyone has their own style and that’s fine too.
Last Tuesday I did something that wasn’t like me at all. I met up with some friends of my boyf’s and usually I wouldn’t put myself through that whole anxious riddled situation – but I am glad that my boy pushed me towards doing something like that because I enjoyed it and I over came my fear.
My new job, working behind a bar, has helped MASSIVELY. Talking to strangers, and meeting new people has made me better at talking to people I don’t know and dealing with confrontation – which before I would shy away from. I am now not afraid to sometimes voice my opinion… can be a blessing and a curse but there is nothing wrong with gaining a bit of confidence.
There is no real methods as such I have used to become more confident, but my advice is to surround yourself with the right people. people who care, make you laugh, strive for good things in life. Make sure you try to stick to deadlines you have ~ whether it’s for college, school, work or personal ones. Also take time for yourself, and treat yourself every now and then because everyone needs a little more self-appreciation in their life.
I can’t wait until I am carefree completely – obvs within reason as I need to have boundaries – but being able to do things without having that bit of anxiety on my shoulders will be a dream.
WHAT DO YOU THINK? Can you relate? Do you struggle with confidence or being carefree? What advice can you give? 
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29 responses to “Becoming Carefree and Confident”

  1. Becoming confident with yourself is such a struggle, and I think one that is always going on as our life changes over the years. Two important things that have helped me would be only surrounding myself with positive people – people who tear you down have no place in your life! The other thing is to make sure you don’t tear people down just the same. If you try to be a positive and kind person, I think those types of people will follow you and you will feel more confident and supported than ever!

  2. Such an inspiring post I could relate to all of it soo much! X

  3. You’re beautiful 💕

  4. carly🌻 says:

    such great tips and advice! my fave strategy to be confident is to list/think about what you like about yourself instead of what you don’t ❣️

  5. simplyllou says:

    why is your account so perfect? urgh xx
    I loved this post these tips will for sure help me with my lack of confidence. at least I’m not the only one 🙂

  6. Same I’m really socially awkward and talking to people I don’t know freaks me out…but I’m trying to become more confident so hopefully I can overcome this

  7. InYourFace says:

    Such a lovely post. Few things I would like to say in response,
    1) You’re absolutely beautiful and I love your style!
    2) Self-confidence is definitely something a lot of girls, even guys have difficulty with. I feel its how media portrays the ‘perfect’ image to us 24/7 that we feel shy about how we are
    3) I have always been a plus size girl all my life, always struggled with going to the gym or sticking to a diet but recently only I started training very religiously (also because my wedding is just 2 months away) – I get so many more compliments which definitely gives my self-confidence a boost
    4) But on the other hand, it also makes me feel like my worth is being measured in how I look, not for who I am or what my passion is, or what kind of a person I am
    5) It’s an unfair world we all live in, sadly.
    Keep posting and keeping shining, you’re one of my most favourite bloggers to follow!
    Sending you lots of positive vibes <3

    • Awwh Maleeha! Thank you! And you should never let your body image or others judgement define you! Its cheesy but its what is in the inside that counts! Do things like going to the gym for you and for your health not what others think!!

  8. JasminQuick says:

    I love this post, I completely related to what you’re saying! You definitely have to immerse yourself with people who love you and bring positivity, as confidence is something I think everyone struggles with. So spreading love can help increase our own confidence x

  9. I totally relate. I feel like this all the time! Sometimes I feel great and then sometimes I just don’t! I hope I can be the same one day

  10. I absolutely struggle just the same! I think it definitely gets better with age and like you say, getting out of your comfort zone every now and again 🙂

  11. joji says:

    I am in the same boat as you. And I love love love that you’re addressing it! Too often I avoid doing something because of fear/lack of confidence and it’s really nt healthy. I’m glad your job is helping you though!

  12. Tu es belle says:

    Really loved this! Can completely relate i’m very shy and am currently on work experience with my course and have to travel to a new store each day and have to talk to all new people. Although it was daunting at first it has defiantly helped my confidence and I want to continue to push myself x

  13. Nabila Chauhan says:

    confidence is not matter i am confident too ….

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