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I finally found out how to pronounce ‘3ina’ because previously I have been saying ‘Three-In-A’ and it just sounded wrong… It just was a bit like I am going so wrong. BUT after the lovely babes at 3ina sent me there Summer eye collection a while ago, it said on the leaflet that it is pronounced ‘Mee-na’. After all these weeks my question had answered and can stop me looking like a right weirdo.
As I said, 3ina sent me some more of their amazing products from their summer eye collection. Summer? Yes I received it a while ago but I have been wanting to try it out properly so that I could really tell you what it is like. They sent me four products all together (which might I add had no clue was being sent to me so it was such a lovely surprise!) and they were The Duo Eyeshadow 600, The Eye Gloss 501, The Eyebrow Kit 402, The Gel Eyeliner 802.
Let’s start with the eyeshadow palette. I saw these in the shop in Covent Garden and my mum fell in love with them so when she saw that I had been sent one she was vV jealous. I loved how that shadows swirled together I just think it looks well made. This eyeshadow duo looks perfect for on the go because you have a matte brown that can define the crease and blend out, and then the shimmery gold which you can use to highlight. It claims it is crease free on the lid, which can be hard to test because in my eye lids I have a natural defined crease but the eyeshadow doesn’t budge throughout the day. The duo is £10.95 which is a little more expensive than if you bought a cheap drug store palette, however it is very sizable and creamy to blend.
Next is probably the most interesting out of all of them and that is the Eye Gloss. // YOU HEARD ME RIGHT \\. Not not lip gloss. Yes, eye gloss. Like lip gloss but for your eyes. This was something a little different for me to try because I am not a lip gloss person so I was very apprehensive. I bet this would be really cool if you are doing makeup for a fashion or makeup run way because it is really funky and is actually an upcoming eye trend. I actually found this really useful to put on before putting some glitter on my eye because it acted like a glue. This is only £9.95 which I think is a really good bargain because the applicator is really high quality. It looks like the Maybelline Concealer with the furry applicator tip and you have to twist it to get the product out.
My favourite product from what they have sent me so far has to be the Eyebrow Kit. I think that 3ina have really hit the nail on the head with this product with not only including a gel and a powder, but also two brushes and tweezers. This makes it the PERFECT travel brow kit because it also has a mirror. I have been using it everyday with the brushes it comes with because the brushes are small and thin, but still dense so you can really accurately apply the gel. 3ina amazingly set me the kit that match my hair colour the best and it is a very good match. The powder can be used for a more relaxed look and then the gel can define the brow. For £15.95 this is a right steal!
Finally 3ina sent me the bright teal gel eyeliner. When I opened it I was just like WOAHHHH because I didn’t expect it to be blue, and my first thought was that it would be perfect for festival season. It doesn’t smudge very much at all and it lasts very well. I am not very good at applying gel eyeliner but it goes on very smooth so it makes it much easier. It is also a very sizable pot of liner so you definitely get your money’s worth. It costs £9.95 and for the prize it is very pigmented.
All of 3ina’s products are cruelty free and paraben free so what more could you want?
Which one of these would you want to try the most?
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6 responses to “Testing 3ina Eye Collection”

  1. I would have pronounced the name the same as you to be honest! 🙂 Never heard of eye gloss before- very different!

  2. priscilla37 says:

    the eyebrow kit

  3. Sarah Jane says:

    I am definitely going to try out that eyebrow kit! It sounds like it will give me all the tools I need to get the perfect brow. I know they are cruelty free, but do you know if they are vegan too?

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