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If you aren’t aware, I did go to London last week for a whole week and I LOVED it. I was a bit apprehensive about going because it is such a big city and it would be so busy I was a little bit anxious, but I really enjoyed it. I went with my fam and we did lots of different things each day — being that tourist as per — and I managed to capture some shots on my camera on the way.
If you are looking for the best places in London to take some good snaps whether it is night or day then here are some of the most photogenic places. The best thing to take them on is of course a DSLR camera if you want the best outcome, but your phone will do too. At the moment I am saving up for the Panasonic CSC Camera* because it is a 20 megapixel camera so my photos will turn out amazing and it has 4K video recording which will come in handy when I film videos….. ~~ IF I film…. ~~

Borough Market

I loved Borough market when we went and if you have never been or heard of it before, then it is basically a HUGE market full of different food stalls, which have samples and tasters for you to try. Borough market is just so REAL that you can capture some brilliant live shots. P.s this salted caramel and honeycomb donut was LIFE CHANGING.


At Westminster you can be the ultimate tourist as it contains the most popular attractions in London, including Big Ben, The London Eye, and The Thames. You can take a range of different shots, and I reckon the best ones will come out in the evening when the sun goes down!

Warner Bros Studio Tour (aka the best place ever!!)

On the Wednesday we took a break from getting all the tubes and went to the Warner Bros Studio which is the home of << HARRY POTTER >>. As I am a MASSIVE fan of Harry Potter this was one of the best days ever and you can take some really good photos as the lighting is all set like it was when they were filming the shots (So perfect for cameras). this is me pushing a trolley through to Platform 9¾!


This is where Greenwich Mean Time — GMT — comes from and up by the Royal Observatory you can get stunning views of Canary Wharf and the skyline of London. Not to mention the National Maritime Museum at the front is just beaut!

China Town

If you love Chinese food then I would totally recommend a trip to China Town because there are more Chinese restaurants than you can count, however it is also cool to take a few pics there because there are loads of signs and statues related to China.

Emirates Air Line Cable Car

Cables cars aren’t just for travelling up snowy mountains, and the Emirates Cable Car going from the O2 over the Thames is a brilliant trip for keen photographers because you can see for miles and miles and it is also rather cheap and is an alternative to getting the tube!

Carnaby Street 

Saving the best for last is Carnaby Street. It is a shopping gem with some of the best shops hidden between Regent street and the back of Liberty’s. Not only does it have the best brands there for you to spend all your money on but it also has some of the best and coolest looking street art! You can get amazing instagram worthy pics!
Have you ever been to any of these places and got cool pics? If so tweet them to me!
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  1. Love your pictures! Especially the Harry Potter one!

  2. lebanesechic says:

    wow london looks like such a beautiful place!!

  3. When I went to London a couple of years ago, my mom and I did the Harry Potter tour too. It was amazing! Did you get a chance to drink butter beer? 🙂 -Jennifer

  4. 97 says:

    I love all of your photos. The one of Big Ben is so crisp. But where did you get your outfit from? So adorable!

    • Don’t worry sorry I saw your second comment first and miss read it! Ha ha! I think the top is from primark and the skirt is tesco!

      • 97 says:

        Ooh lovely. Unfortunately there’s no Primark in the US. I might just have to find an alternative! Thank you! 😊

  5. 97 says:

    The outfit at Platform 9 3/4. Sorry!

  6. Wow absolutely love the pictures!!

  7. I’m going to London on Friday! Also I adore the pictures! They are truly amazing!

  8. hell0chloe says:

    These are some amazing pictures!!

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  10. 97 says:

    Oh I was saying that thought it was cute and classy. And asked where you got it from?

  11. Love this! Your photos are amazing!!! I really want to go to Borough Market, China Town and Carnaby Street. I also want to go on the Emirates Air Line Cable Car. I’ve been to Westminster and Warner Bros Studio Tour. I loved going to Warner Bros Studio Tour too, it was so good! Xx

  12. Oooh looks like you went to all the best places in London. Of all of them Borough Market looks the most enticing, especially that doughnut haha!
    Great pics and post, can’t wait to keep updated with your blog 🙂

  13. Natalie Vinh says:

    You’re the cutest!

  14. I really enjoyed your London story, it brought me back to when I went there 🙂
    Also, I’m new in this all blogging thing, so it would mean much to me if you could check out my blog https://chickandchic.com/ <3

  15. london looks like a beautiful pic in ur cam than it used to be…
    Talent hunter

  16. richardtdes says:

    Amazing shots! I’ve been to London a lot of times but I never knew where ro go because it’s such a big city. 😄

  17. Awesome shots..!!

  18. London is awesome! Lived there for 6 years. My personal favorite places to take pics are London Bridge, Buckingham palace, and Portobello Road. Love the colors and scenery you find in those places. Please check out my blog!

  19. If you visit London once again you should go to Shoreditch and Brick Lane districts, as you seem to be keen to see street art 😉 And I’m so jealous for the Harry Potter Sudios by the way ahah, hope you enjoyed it !

  20. agrandaiz says:

    There’s a lot of places to go to!!! Thank you for the post

  21. lorraineanne says:

    wow looks like you had an amazing time!

  22. Great tips! I look forward to exploring London soon!

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