What's In My Makeup Travel Bag?!

IT’S HOLIDAY TIME! Can I get a whoop whoop?? When it comes to holidays I start feeling like a little kid in a candy shop and I can’t help but feel like I am going to burst into tears of excitement. As you are reading this I am actually already on my holibobs. I am not going abroad but I am going somewhere fairly far away so for me this is really exciting. How many time do you think I can say ~~ EXCITING ~~ in this post?
Of course I want to pack every beautiful makeup product I own and I will try and take as much as I can but I will have to limit myself to how much I take because ONE I am only going away for a week and TWO my makeup bag is only so big. I won’t spill you the beans on everything I am taking but I will inform you on the main bits I am taking with me and why I have chosen them.
<< The Ordinary Fluid Primer >>
I am taking this primer specifically because this primer is insanely quick at drying. I won’t have hours upon hours each morning to get ready so this will be handy. It also makes me face feel silky smooth and who doesn’t want that?
<< Maybelline Fit Me Concealer >>
This is one of my new fave concealers because it is really light so blends easily. It is light under the eyes as well so it doesn’t crease and looks natural. If I just feel like putting concealer on and no foundation I know that this will be a good back up option for me.
<< Clinique High Impact Mascara >>
I have this mascara in a travel sized bottle, I think it was an extra in a gift set, and of course as it is travel sized it is perfect for fitting in your makeup bag so it saves space. This means room for more makeup whilst having a high end mascara at hand when you need it.
<< NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade >>
This is my everyday brow pomade, and I love it, but it is also good to take away with you because it is so small so takes up practically no room in your makeup bag and is very light. However, if you are now thinking that this means there is no product… this is not the case because the pomade goes really far. I have been using mine for a few months and I haven’t even hit the bottom yet.
<< MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick >>
I have got so many outfits packed for my holiday that if I tried to take a lipstick to match each one, I would have to take a separate makeup bag just for the lipsticks! I have compromised by putting in my trusty nude – Velvet Teddy. I know this will go with early everything that I will be wear and last super long so I don’t need to worry about it wiping off when I go out for a meal each day. But no doubt I will pop in a few colourful lipsticks too.
These are only a few items in my travel makeup bag but what is in yours when you go away??
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83 responses to “What's In My Makeup Travel Bag?!”

  1. Always Cleia says:

    Love the photos!! It’s so hard to pick just a few products to take with you, I’m going on vacation for almost a month and I’m like, ugh, what am I going to pack!?

  2. Take me with you!

  3. I love the NYX brow pomade! Your photos are amazing. I would be greatful if you could check out my latest post❤️

  4. hell0chloe says:

    I need to try that concealer. I’ve been looking for a new one for ages now!

  5. How have you found using The Ordinary products, its been something I have been looking into buying!

  6. I always buy the same mascara, maybe I’ll try out the Clinique High Impact Mascara. Who knows it might be my new fav mascara.

  7. Nice post I always keep some powder with me as well for touch ups ❤️

  8. Rae McGill says:

    Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and MAC Velvet Teddy are my two favorites ever! The best nude lip and the smoothest concealer.

  9. Love velvet teddy! I love keeping that in my travel kit at all times. It goes with so many different looks!

  10. lebanesechic says:

    The Maybelline Fit Me concealer is absolutely the best. I’ve been using it for years and honestly haven’t found anything better.

  11. I use the same concealer! It’s the best blending concealer I’ve ever used in my life
    xx, Shreya
    My Travel//Lifestyle Blog:

  12. You are very organised! My makeup/skincare packing takes ages- almost as long as my actual case!

  13. gingersnapps says:

    Velvet teddy is such a great shade for everything!!! Have an amazing time x

  14. chloeburford says:

    Your featured image is so professional and pretty! I have heard great things about the Maybelline Concealer so after reading this post I am even more tempted to buy it and try it out 🙂 This is a really great post so well done! xx

  15. I love the Fit Me concealer as well. It’s so great!

  16. hazelwoodxx says:

    Great post xx ❤ I’m really tempted to get the maybelline concealer as I have the foundation and I love it so much

  17. Tiff says:

    Ooo I’ll definitely give the products you mentioned a go! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I have 2 travel makeup bags (small for carry-on and larger one for checked luggage). I know….I’m just bad! That being said, on my smaller one I carry lipstick (different brands, but I enjoy Bare Minerals), eye liner, lip gloss, small mirror, pressed powder, Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets, and L’Occitane lotion. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Very helpful, thank you so much!
    x Lysbeth from https://lysbethchristina.com

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  21. Amazing pictures! And I have to try out that primer now.

  22. This is amazing!! Thank you for sharing your items.
    –Haley from https://roadsbesttraveled.blog/

  23. mixedbaggweb says:

    For me, the essential is to pack extra contact lenses. I’ve made that mistake before and was forced to spend the rest of the trip with my clunky glasses.
    Share your travel stories and earn!

  24. Queen K says:

    velvet teddy is absolutely the best MAC lipstick! Do you have another one or recommend any other shades?x

  25. kimmy3493 says:

    Loved this post!

  26. hannahzoesch says:

    I love love love the asthetic of your photo! And actually this post as a whole! Also, follow my blog @ hannahzoesch.com if you’d like 🙂

  27. megwalshxx says:

    I don’t know how you chose, i’d want to take everything i own with me! Love your will power haha x

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  29. My travel make up bag is really simple. Haha. I only have my sunscreen, compact powder, concealer, eyelash curler, brown eyeshadow, and a tinted lip balm. Cause I tend to take photographs and I don’t like it when my face makeup gets stuck to my camera. Sometimes I don’t put at all.

  30. Farwa Shah says:

    You take some great pictures!

  31. steahral says:

    I will try these one! I love Mac Velvet!

  32. RachelW says:

    You can never go wrong with a MAC lipstick!❤️

  33. Oh I love reading posts like this

  34. I love benefit high beam to perk up my cheeks and lips and vaseline is my favourite go to. It can be used for so much. Great post.

  35. i love this post

  36. Great post! I’m soon on my way to Hong Kong so this was helpful! Also I’m new at blogging so check out my blog, if you want 🙂

  37. nivienbeauty says:

    A perfect bag! It is so hard when you have to leave all of your makeup behind but I always HAVE TO HAVE concealer and setting powder.

  38. Great post!


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